Gretchen Carlson Will Turn Miss America Into the Gong Show


Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson has taken over the Miss America contest which has been declining in viewership for years. She apparently wants to put the nail in its coffin. Carlson told ABC host Amy Robach she’s “looking at this as a call of duty.” The position is a “voluntary job and it’s a huge undertaking.”

She is running the contest after some ‘scandalous emails’ by Miss America officials came to light last year. Carlson, who helped bring Roger Ailes to his final end, is appalled by the “sexist and lewd comments” used in some emails regarding former contestants.

Her first inspired act will be to eliminate the bathing suit contest. She also intends to modify the evening gown portion of the pageant, which she now calls a “competition.” The women will choose whatever they want to wear. That should be a thrill as man-hating feminists come out in hippie clothes and spectacles.

Contestants will no longer be judged on their outward appearance. Women of all shapes and sizes will compete. Obese, ugly, bearded ladies? It’s going to be about their goals and who they are as people. Yikes! What man is going to turn it on?

Carlson is not worried about the ratings because, she said, people are interested in the talent portion. Why doesn’t she call it the Gong Show or You Got Talent or The Voice?

We hear Rosie O’Donnell is excited because she is now a viable contestant.

According to Carlson: Women are taking over! It’s inspiring! Their voices will be heard!

Carlson says it will empower women, but it’s hard to see how when no one turns it on? This is sexist, men and transgenders should be allowed to compete.

The Miss America terminator is proud of her own #MeToo lawsuit that led to her boss’s death. Ken LaCorte, former Fox News executive, wrote about that: “Certainly, no one reading Gretchen Carlson’s claims against Ailes – even if you believe every word of it – would think the case was worth anywhere near $20 million.”

Carlson’s a moonbat snowflake.

I am still wondering how she ever won a Miss America contest.

Feminists and other man haters despise the contest so now they are getting their wish — the end of the contest.

Listen to her plans:

Ms. Holier-Than-Thou sees this job as her “call of duty” but it won’t last long when she destroys the “competition”.

The fomer boring Fox News host said a majority of board members are now “former Miss Americas.” She got rid of all of the men. The terminator forced out the board and is complete control.

“I find that incredibly empowering in this me too movement,”  she said.

She “has so many great ideas”, she assures us.

Listen to her sanctimonious women empowerment nonsense:

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