Grey Lady Does the Worst Thing Possible for a Republican


What is the worst thing, the far, far-left newspaper, the New York Times could do for a Republican? I contend it’s to endorse him or her.

John Kasich is barely hanging on though the establishment is still rooting for him. All I remember about him from his debates is his father was a mailman and that he’s very liberal. The New York Times just endorsed him and Hillary Clitnon for president. That has to be the worst endorsement a Republican could get at this time when we are living under leftists who are destroying the country and when the Republican base is fed up with liberal Republicans.


The New York Times’s editorial board endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John Kasich, calling Clinton one of the most “deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”

“Deeply qualified” for what? SingSing.


Clinton, a front-runner facing a strong challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders, and Kasich, who has only dimly registered in the polls, are not the people to choose if you care at all about turning around the mess the Democrats have made. Maybe the Times picked Kasich because he can’t win.

“Mr Sanders does not have the breadth of experience or policy ideas that Mrs Clinton offers,” the board wrote, after praising him for making important points about economic inequality and foreign policy.

Sanders is a bust on both of those issues.

Hillary named post offices as senator and got men killed as secretary of state, plus she lies about everything.

Great choices grey lady.


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