Growing Evidence Russia Is Behind Anti-Trump Movements


Bombshell Facebook testimony this week has Facebook’s lawyer Colin Stretch admitting that almost all of Facebook’s Russia-tied content after the election was aimed at delegitimizing President Trump.

Russia has always, even before the election, concentrated on fomenting discord in the United States.

It was the illegitimate President refrain that was picked up by leftist groups protesting and rioting against the President.

CNN’s reporting on the anti-Trump protests focused on his legitimacy: “Some are questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton by noting that although he took the Electoral College, Clinton won the popular vote.” (The popular vote has zero impact on the legitimacy of an election.)

Russian operatives organized other anti-Trump protests, BuzzFeed reported, including a pair of anti-Trump protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While promoting the anti-Trump protests in Charlotte, the Russian operatives falsely claimed that the fact that Hillary Clinton received more total votes than Trump — which is meaningless in the Electoral College system established by the Constitution — made Trump an illegitimate president.

As The Daily Caller reported, the left is obsessed with identity politics and Russia exploited it.

Russian accounts targeted Baltimore and Ferguson — both hubs of racial activism — with pro-Black Lives Matter messaging, CNN reported. The Washington Post reported that the Russian ads promoted other “African American rights groups” in addition to Black Lives Matter.

There is also evidence Russians funded leftist groups tied to extreme movements like that of climate change.

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6 years ago

Considering the dominant media are parroting the same discord as the Russians can it be said THEY are covert Russian agents. The similarities are SO striking it simply cannot be overlooked. Everyone should ask them if they ARE Russian agents. CNN=#RussianAgents, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC = #RusssianAgents, etc., etc.