Gruber Caught Calling Americans Stupid A Third Time


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Editor’s note: The title of this post was changed to reflect a third tape of Gruber calling us all stupid.

Gruber is not an anomaly.  He is representative of these far-left Democrats who think they are superior to the rest of America who don’t agree with them. They also feel they have the right to make us comply by whatever means necessary.


Three tapes in total have emerged in which an architect of Obamacare – Jonathan Gruber – calls the American people stupid; admits he lied about it being a tax; says he changed the language to fool the American people so they could get it passed; and lauded the benefits of non-transparency.

Jonathan Gruber was a senior White House advisor on Obamacare who lied for the White House using his credentials to legitimize the lies.

He is still lying.


Gruber and the White House told the CBO it was not a tax – knowing it was – just to sell it to the “stupid” American people.

The White House’s lack of transparency was something he found helpful in fooling the stupid American people.

He told MSNBC Tuesday that his remarks were careless (As allegedly “stupid” as we are, we know that is another lie).

In the past, when Gruber was caught lying about the federal subsidies, he called it a speako (another lie).

There’s no doubt Gruber, in coordination with the White House, lied to fool the “stupid” Americans into supporting Obamacare. Listen until the end when Gruber calls us stupid a second time:

This is the second clip of Gruber discussing how stupid we all are:

In the third clip, while discussing the Cadillac tax, Gruber said, “It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.” Gruber is an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and made his comments during a speech at the University of Rhode Island in November 2012.

Go to the 29:00 mark:

In the next video, Max Baucus uses Gruber’s comments as proof we will save on premiums if we only pass this bill:

Mr. Obama, who also lied repeatedly, said you can keep your healthcare plan at least 36 times though it was obvious from the Federal Register of 2010 that we couldn’t. Listen:

Mr. Obama promised to lower premiums but now the Democrats are saying Obamacare lowers the increase in premiums, which is unprovable given all the lies. We don’t even know how many signed up and the Democrats are feeding imaginary numbers to the CBO,

Listen to the promise of lower premiums:



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