Gruber: Dopey Dems Paid $400K to a Nobody?


There seems to be something missing from the coverage of D.C. Democrats distancing themselves from an increasingly politically toxic, Jonathan Gruber.

It’s not like there aren’t a lot of stories about this haughty, MIT elitist lying, and demeaning voters as “stupid”. It’s not like stories of Nancy Pelosi defying the age of Google, and looking stupid by denying knowing Gruber and his ObamaCare contributions, haven’t gotten around.

Jon’s self incriminating tapes and Nancy’s dopey denials are trending all over social media. This info flow is so overwhelming and stunningly embarrassing it’s even starting to find its way through cracks in the mainstream media’s stone wall.

However, what no one seems to be asking, is why this guy, who Democrats suddenly don’t know, or dismiss as an inconsequential part of the policy process, was paid $400,000 for less than 2 years work? [editor’s note: he actually made more than a million five.] What could possibly justify President Obama and his party approving the transfer of just under a half million dollars of tax payer’s hard earned money to some lightweight who did little or zero to develop the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Intrepid reporters need to begin following that theme. Which is it? Did you pay Jonathan Gruber all that dough to deliberately design a piece of life-altering legislation aimed at deceiving Americans? Or did you waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on a nobody who basically did nothing?

One way or the other, when all is said and done, the folks that handed lifetime academic theorist, and healthcare charlatan, Jonathan Gruber a big pile of cash are the real dumbbells. Maybe, in retrospect, old Jon and his buds in academia were really laughing at the Dem dopes he conned. Laughing all the way to the bank was he….with the people’s money.


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