Gruber Plotted The Cadillac Tax With Obama In The Room


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MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber is arrogant, condescending and hostile to any type of debate. He knows it all. In that he is no different from other Progressives and Academics. His attitude is an accurate reflection of how all the elitists think. This is how Barack Obama thinks. In fact, Gruber admitted that he plotted the Cadillac tax deception with Barack Obama.

When Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber spoke at Washington University in St. Louis, he called Americans stupid in front of university students. Aside from his extremely poor role modeling, he proudly broadcast his plot to inflict the Cadillac tax on Americans.

Gruber is a believer – in high taxation. He saw something not taxed – health insurance – and immediately decided that the government has the right to tax it. He thinks that because people resisted, they are stupid.

Watch this clip:

I wonder if the unions think it’s a great thing.

Not only did he think it was okay to twist the truth about the tax, in 2009 he plotted it out with an agreeable Barack Obama in the room.

Frontline posted a video of Gruber pontificating about his meeting with Obama where they discussed making the Cadillac tax palatable using deceit (watch a clip from the video below).

Gruber: The next time I see him [Barack Obama] is summer 2009. The big issue there is that he really wants to make sure I’m moving forward on cost control. I think that at this point he sort of knew we had a good plan on coverage, but he was worried on cost control. So we had a meeting in the Oval Office with several experts, including myself, on what can we do to get credible savings on cost control that the Congressional Budget Office would recognize and score as savings in this law.

And that was a meeting — it was very exciting, once again, because the economists in the room all said the number one thing you need to do is you need to take on the tax subsidy to employer-sponsored insurance. We need one minute of background on this. The way employer-sponsored insurance works is, if you get paid in wages, you get taxed. If you get paid in health insurance, you do not. …

So this tax subsidy economists have been railing against for decades, it’s super-expensive. We forego about $250 billion per year in tax revenues. It’s regressive — the richer you are, the bigger tax break you get. And it’s inefficient because it causes people to buy excessive health insurance. So everyone in the room said, “You want something that is real cost control that we know it will work, go after this.”

Now, the problem is, it’s a political nightmare, … and people say, “No, you can’t tax my benefits.” So what we did a lot in that room was talk about, well, how could we make this work? And Obama was like, “Well, you know” — I mean, he is really a realistic guy. He is like, “Look, I can’t just do this.” He said: “It is just not going to happen politically. The bill will not pass. How do we manage to get there through phases and other things?” And we talked about it. And he was just very interested in that topic.

Once again, that ultimately became the genesis of what is called the Cadillac tax in the health care bill, which I think is one of the most important and bravest parts of the health care law and doesn’t get nearly enough credit….

He thinks it’s brave to tax health insurance.


The White House denied the meeting but Gruber is on the visitor’s list.

People knew it was a tax but Democrats didn’t care and went along with the lie because they wanted the bill. Republicans knew but no one would listen to them. They weren’t even allowed in the room when the bill was written. That alone was a national disgrace.

Jonathan Gruber twice signed affidavits as a friend of the court in two of the cases contesting the Federal subsidies. He is probably guilty of perjury.

Gruber wrote a comic book explaining Obamacare. That’s the perceived reading comprehension level of the American people.

Gruber and his comic book

In the book, he portrays himself as a hero and anyone who who is opposed to Obamacare is a monster.

Gruber monsters

Meanwhile, D.C. elitist Nancy Pelosi claimed she didn’t know Jonathan Gruber but she’s on tape quoting him.


The people running D.C. are liars and sociopaths.

Think about who the Democrats have in top leadership positions – Dingbat Nancy Pelosi, Faux Indian Elizabeth Warren, Uncle Joe Biden, Benghazi Hillary, Dirty Harry Reid – need I go on?