Guess What Mistake Barack Obama Plans to Make Again


Barack Obama is repeating his colossal failure in Iraq, only now it will be an epic fail in Afghanistan. He announced the end of the war with much of southern and eastern Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban.

He is leaving a force of 10,000 but only until the end of the year. By the end of 2016, all U.S. troops will be withdrawn.

Joe Biden has pushed for a small residual force of a few thousand who would end up sitting ducks because of the size of the force.

Hagel, quoting the military commanders, said that anything less than 9,000 would be ineffective.

Senator McCain has urged Obama to not repeat the mistakes he made in Iraq. He has pleaded with him to leave a residual force.

Mr. Obama will repeat the mistakes of the past in all likelihood. He listens to no one.

Afghanistan is the country that sheltered the 911 terrorists. They are a threat to the United States.

If Afghanistan goes to the Taliban, the threat to Pakistan, a nuclear power, will be incalculable.

A status of forces agreement is meaningless if there aren’t enough men left to do anything but wait to be attacked.

Mr. Obama has talked about leaving a small elite force which would be for show.

This is a war that was won as was Iraq. Obama handed the victories off to the terrorists.

The Taliban will fill the vacuum left by our absence.

Mr. Obama pretended he wanted a status of forces agreement in Iraq when the disastrous results of his misstep became obvious during the last presidential election. However, he never wanted it and he doesn’t want it in Afghanistan. He is incapable of learning from his mistakes.

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