Guess Where George Demos’ Campaign Filing Was Mailed From


Since CD-1 congressional candidate George Demos has never lived on Long Island for any extended period of time and only rents – never having paid real estate taxes here – I didn’t expect he’d send his campaign filing from Long Island. However, I didn’t think he’d send it from the father-in-law’s business in California, the one that helped enrich Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul, but he did. I wonder if he’ll vote for himself with an absentee ballot. Then he doesn’t have to bother being on Long Island at all.

They don’t call him a Pelosi-Republican for nothing.

Pelosi and George’s father-in-law were in business together at AKT.

Check out the mailing address of his Statement of Organization:

Demos campaign filing

Or look at the entire document:FEC Statement of Organization

Well, he is a Pelosi-Republican.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul not only had dealings with George’s father-in-law, Angelo Tsakopoulos, that were worth millions – that Nancy failed to properly report – but the families are close friends dating back to 1990.

A vote for George is a vote for a Pelosi-Republican, a novel idea really since she’s so far left she makes Putin look like a conservative.



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