Guess Where The $3.7 Billion Is Going


President Obama asked for $3.7 billion to primarily care for unaccompanied alien children and their illegal families. He’s not closing the border and most of them are not going back to their home countries. Republicans won’t approve the bill unless there is a deal for speedier deportations. The expenses will be covered with regular spending bills.

According to Businessweek, Senators McCain and Flake want to amend the 2008 human trafficking law that complicates the process for deportation of illegal alien children. The House is afraid to send an amended bill up because they are fear the Senate will tack amnesty on to it.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul of Texas today said a House immigration working group is considering a recommendation to overturn Obama’s 2012 directive to stop deportations of children brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. The order is “the root cause of the influx,” he said. Obama will never sign it – he wants illegal immigration.

Immigration Reform compiled an infographic which shows where the $3.7 billion will go. You can view it on this link.

$3.7bn to be wasted

This is the breakdown:

49% care of unaccompanied alien children (UAC)

24% care of illegal alien families

10% operational expenses

8% repatriation and reintegration

3% transportation of UACs

3% ICE investigations and enforcement

1.2% immigration judges

1.1% air surveillance of the Rio Grande Valley

.8% expansion of border enforcement security task force [they dismantle criminal enterprises]

.4% legal representation for UACs

.14% PR

.7% legal orientation Program [Created to inform immigrant detainees about their rights, immigration court, the detention process and help illegals avoid deportation]

.03% general legal activities




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