Guess Who Andrew Cuomo and the IRS Are Targeting Now!


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is reporting that Cuomo has been targeting Project Veritas for months. They say their finances are meticulously maintained to the penny but that doesn’t matter to the Governor or the NY Dept. of Labor who demanded all documents and financials since their founding.

Project Veritas complied and their officials appeared at the scheduled meeting on December 13, 2013 but the Dept. of Labor compliance officers never showed up.

Now the organization officials are being subpoened to court with accountants and lawyers to prove they did nothing wrong despite the fact that the Dept. of Labor found nothing wrong.


Also being targeted are conservatives in the movie industry.

The IRS have been targeting a secret conservative group in Hollywood called the Friends of Abe (named after Abraham Lincoln). They have about 1500 members and keep their list secret because Hollywood would ban them if they knew who they were.

The IRS is demanding the names of their members.

There was a time when Communists were banned in Hollywood. Now Communists like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are welcomed and anyone who is not on the left is banned.

The Friends of Abe were TOLD they were being targeted!!!