Guess Who Is Getting U.S. Weapons Now


We’re giving weapons to Iran – the people who hope to destroy Israel and the U.S.

Bloomberg has the exclusive.

The weapons aren’t going to the Peshmerga who truly are our allies because Mr. Obama doesn’t want to offend Iraq. We have a deal with Iraq that all weapons go through them. The Peshmerga are only getting small weapons.

Iraq is giving our artillery to the Shiite militias who are known for horrendous human rights violations.

The administration knows it but this is how they decided to fight ISIS. They’ve partnered with the devil.

This Iraqi government is no different than it has been. It’s still tied to Iran. Iran’s new Interior Minister is a former Iraq militia official, Mohammed al-Ghabban. The militia he commanded was suspected of attacking Sunni Iraqis hundreds of times over the last decade.

According to Senator McCain, the Iraqi government told him they were handing over American weapons to the Iranian-tied militias.

Most of the militias now fighting ISIS are Iranians.

This is nuts!

More details can be found at Bloomberg viewpoints.


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