Guess Who Writes the Oppressive EPA Rules in the War on Coal


The EPA is an unelected conglomerate of bureaucrats charged with writing climate change policy, some of which is aimed at destroying coal-fired plants. They are collaborating in stealth and illegally with Soros-funded groups including The Center for American Progress and the League of Conservation Voters. There is also an unholy alliance with groups like the Sierra Club International and the American Lung Association.

These associations are mutually beneficial, not only to promote an ideological agenda but to acquire millions in taxpayer dollars. None of them were elected by the American people.

The EPA’s climate rules, which will destroy the coal industry if successful, aren’t based on science so much as leftist ideology, on fact so much as on propaganda.

Beginning in 2012 and continuing over a period of a year-and-a-half, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E & E Legal) filed FOIA requests with the EPA to explore their close, taxpayer-funded relationship with the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Sierra Club. Both are pressure groups who are uncomfortably and intricately intertwined with the EPA, perhaps illegally if not unethically.

E & E were forced to sue in January 2013 for release of the records. They were joined by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

They learned that the ALA lobbies for funds in the tens of millions from government agencies and then actively promotes their agenda.

The Sierra Club enjoys a similar relationship and has been exposed for its sue-and-settle cases in which they and the government agencies work together to force regulations acting as laws on Americans. In sue and settle, the government gets environmental groups to sue them and they allegedly settle, but it’s all preordained.

An EPA Power-Point document surfaced during this legal investigation that proved the EPA staff were encouraged to use instant messaging systems (IMs) – AOL and Yahoo – to avoid federal record keeping and FOIA requests. They were taught how not to leave a trail that the public would later find. It also instructed in the art of stonewalling “unfriendly” requests. All of this is illegal.

One FOIA specialist admitted that a supervisor instructed her and a colleague to do no work on “unfriendly” requests including those of the E&E Legal.

Instant messaging systems have been used illegally to obfuscate what is going on at the EPA with these leftist groups. Gina McCarthy said she didn’t know how to use instant messaging when questioned about it. Like most people in the executive branch, they either don’t know, don’t remember or they just lie. We’ve seen that repeatedly in hearings before Congress, whether it be the IRS, the FBI, the NSA, any agency.


Emails finally obtained by E & E Legal and CEI were released and obtained by Rep. Lamar Smith.

Rep. Smith reviewed a series of emails from EPA policy director Michael Goo’s personal email account and determined the EPA was forming “clean air” policies and greenhouse gas regulation in collaboration with the president of the leftist mega-group, Sierra Club International, John Coequyt, who is also a federal lobbyist.

Michael Goo

Goo, pictured above, was charged with writing the New Source Performance Standards, or NSPS, that the EPA expected to use to curb carbon emissions from coal plants.

Rep. Lamar Smith, as the chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, said the use of private emails could be illegal, which was verified by CEI senior fellow Christopher Horner.

“For two years, his communications with the Sierra Club and other outside groups were hidden from congressional inquiries and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests—potentially violating the Federal Records Act,” Smith said in a May statement.

“These records prove how the EPA gave anti-coal activists an opportunity to review, comment, and shape the strategy EPA would pursue to block development of more coal plants and shutter existing plants,” Smith wrote.

The EPA is writing policy with groups that seek the demise of the coal industry with no input from opposing groups.


It’s not just the Sierra Club, it’s the lunatic fringe who guide the president – the Soros-funded-controlled Center for American Progress (CAP). The former president of CAP is John Podesta, advisor to Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton.

The Center for American Progress is the organization that wrote the blueprint for Barack Obama’s use of memos, rules, regulations, EOs, agencies to circumvent Congress and the American people.

There is also a rotating door of employees between these powerful left-wing fringe organizations and the agencies/White House.

E & E obtained emails via a FOIA request that show Joseph Goffman, the senior counsel of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, circulated talking points from Center for American Progress climate strategy director Daniel Weiss among EPA colleagues attempting to sell the agency’s controversial power plant regulations to a New York Times reporter, Matt Wald.

They show extensive behind-the-scenes collaboration between EPA and left-wing third-party groups that support the regulations.

“The chief lawyer tasked with making the global warming agenda happen cuts and pastes Team Soros arguments and strategies into emails and sends them to colleagues as his own,” Christopher Horner of CEI said in an email.

There were other green groups involved such as the League of Conservation Voters but no opposing.

The collusion went right to the White House from these groups and it involved attempts to convince Matt Wald that a certain technology could keep coal a viable source of energy, knowing there was absolutely no evidence of that. They desperately tried to find a way to convince the reporter it was true though it wasn’t. The details can be read at the Washington Free Beacon.

“The brazen collusion is staggering,” CEI’s Christopher Horner said.


Christopher Horner

Wald’s story reflected his own research and cast doubt on the technology so the collaborators got going again.

Weiss co-authored a Center for American Progress (CAP) paper repeating the points he had emailed to EPA.

“Anyone who pays attention to these issues must acknowledge that CAP [Soros’ Center for American Progress] plays a very unique, almost extraordinary role in developing documents for the administration and in advancing personnel,” energy lobbyist Scott Segal told Greenwire in April.

Horner said collaboration between CAP and EPA illustrates a trend that has borne itself out in the language of regulations promulgated by the agency, including its rules regarding power plant emissions.

“Other emails I have obtained demonstrate that they take what the greens tell them and paste it in,” he said. “That’s unlawful and one of the major reasons these greenhouse gas rules need to be blocked.”


Radical Marxist-Socialist George Soros is the most powerful man on earth and he is determining our future. He has formed The Shadow Party which is an alliance of leftist groups who band together to get Democrats elected. They often use unethical methods. These leftist groups and others band together on all manner of issues. There are about 35 who join together to fight the NRA.

For those who agree with the leftist agenda and the way they are implementing it, what happens when they begin to put through oppressive rules that affect you and you find you have nothing to fight them with because you gave up your freedom for privileges and agenda items? You will rue the day.


The Energy & Environment Legal Institute

E & E Legal and Heartland

Free Beacon: EPA-The Center for American Progress Relationship


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robert howard
robert howard
7 years ago

The only thing the e.p.a. is interested in is depriving the u.s. of it’s energy options. The u.s. needs to compete with everyone globally when it comes to energy, and coil is one of our most abundant resources. Same with gas and oil, George Soros wants to keep us dependent on foreign oil. The Bush and Clinton families are most definitely already in his pocket, as is Obama.