Guess who’s coming to dinner — Putin!


Maxine, the Democrat icon whose famous calling card is ‘impeach 45,’ is very fearful that if the Senate exonerates ’45,’ he will get even worse and invite Vlad Putin to the White House.

She’s a lunatic, and she’s a thought leader for the Democrat Party.

I’m okay with the dinner invite. It’s better than lobbing nuclear weapons at each other.



Republicans have their Maxine Waters also, a case in point is Jeff Flake, the pompous ass who sanctimoniously talks down to anyone who disagrees with him. He’s just angry because no one likes him and half the nation likes Trump or at least what he’s doing.

He said in an op-ed that Senate Republicans are on trial along with the President.

Totally irrelevant Flake blasted the President and supporters in a new op-ed. Flake had an 18% approval rating in his state of Arizona. He just doesn’t ever quite go away for some reason even though no one wants him around.

St. Jeff went to the pages of The Washington Post to preach to Republicans to save their souls as AZCentral suggested.

It’s a nasty piece but he seems to believe it. He condemns Republicans and Trump followers for supporting the President. Flake believes he’s right, has the answers, and Trump’s supporters are wrong.


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