Guillotine Movements! “Dissemination of Mistruths” Kills a Woman


The news of today is instant, melodramatic, and no longer waits for the studied truth. It goes on obsessive-compulsive rampages. The so-called news carries extreme movements on the backs of inventions and exaggerations. In the end, it hurts people and society as a whole.

The family of one Hollywood producer believes it led to her death.

Jill Messick, dead at age 50


Hollywood producer Jill Messick killed herself this week. She was subject to bouts of depression. There was something else led that more directly to her death by her own hand, according to her family in a statement. She was a victim of the Harvey Weinstein movement which bred #MeToo and a lot of mistruths.

In 1997, while she was managing Rose McGowan’s career, McGowan told her that she got naked and jumped into a hot tub with Harvey Weinstein. McGowan told Messick that something untoward happened which she immediately regretted. Messick reported it to the movie company. Ms. Messick said McGown never used the word “rape” and went on to make more movies with Weinstein.

Weinstein contends the encounter was consensual and her case is the only one he has contradicted.

In a letter to Weinstein, which Ms. Messick’s family says she never gave permission to make public, she explained the details of the situation, exposing exaggerations on the part of Ms. McGowan.

His lawyer released the letter ten days ago after a continuous onslaught of attacks by the actress. Attorney Ben Brafman also released a letter from Ben Affleck who said the actress never mentioned the assault to him as she publicly stated.

Messick then became embroiled in the controversy with her name and photo in articles and McGowan tearing into her. The media spread McGowan’s attacks far and wide.


The family wrote, “Jill was victimized by our new culture of unlimited information sharing and a willingness to accept statement as fact. The speed of disseminating information has carried mistruths about Jill as a person, which she was unable and unwilling to challenge. She became collateral damage in an already horrific story…”

The family wrote in part:

“We cannot forget that the media is a fearsome tool which cannot be used indiscriminately or even inadvertently to create further victims.

There is a responsibility when using a platform to accurately expose criminals, predators, mistruths and misdeeds while protecting the actual truth of third parties…

…We must take a moment to consider the ramifications and consequences of what we say and what we do.

Words matter.

Hopefully, they will remember that beyond the short time it took them to write it.

It must be noted that this beautiful, talented woman fully supported the #MeToo movement but she wanted it to be truthful.


In his new book, “Devil’s Bargain”, Steve Bannon harshly criticizes what he calls “the anti-patriarchy movement” that will “undo ten thousand years of recorded history”.

Steve Bannon

During an interview, he said, “It’s even more powerful than populism. It’s deeper. It’s primal. It’s elemental. The long black dresses and all that — this is the Puritans! It’s anti-patriarchy.”

He calls it the “Cromwell Moment”, referencing the fanatical dictator of the 17th century.

Referring to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s appearance while Oprah was giving her speech at the Academy Awards, Bannon said he “ruined his career” [not likely] and “If you rolled out a guillotine, they’d chop off every set of balls in the room.”

“You watch. The time has come. Women are gonna take charge of society,” Bannon said, according to Josh Green who interviewed him. “And they couldn’t juxtapose a better villain than Trump. He is the patriarch. This” — the Golden Globe Awards — “is a definitional moment in the culture. It’ll never be the same going forward.”

If true, it hasn’t worked in Sweden with its all-feminist government.

Hyperbolic at times, Bannon does make a point about the guillotine.


In conclusion, the #MeToo movement is out of control as is the hate Trump, demonize the rich, and the all white people are racists movements. Some would chop off the heads of the Tea Party if they could while glorifying the communist Occupy movement.

So we go back to something The Hollywood Reporter wrote: “…our new culture of unlimited information sharing and a willingness to accept statement as fact…We must take a moment to consider the ramifications and consequences of what we say and what we do.”

Send that to CNN.




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