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Hasan sporting his beard and orange jumpsuit.

Army Major Nadal Hasan, who put up no defense during his trial, and in which he acted as his own lawyer, has been found guilty of all charges. The death penalty is on the table. Automatic appeals will go through first.

Hasan admitted guilt. The evidence was incontrovertible. This case was a slam dunk, but the victims still had to suffer through a long drawn-out, expensive trial for political expediency.

Hasan released documents to Fox News exposing his friendship with Anwar al-Awlaki. He exchanged 18 emails with al-Awlaki to get sanctioning from him for the crime he was about to commit. He had his own personal jihad going but that evidence was not allowed to be admitted at trial.

This terror attack is considered an act of workplace violence and not a terror attack. The victims did not receive their purple hearts and their benefits. Some victims are paying for their own medical care. That has not changed.

The Obama administration treated this terror attack as a common crime.

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