Gun Confiscation by Age and on a Judge’s Ruling Begins in Florida


According to a report at the Sun-Sentinel, a Broward County judge on Friday issued an order temporarily removing guns from a person in accordance with the State’s new gun laws.

A 56-year old man had his ammo and four guns removed from his home because the judge said he is a potential risk. This comes under the “red flag” legislation recently passed following the Stoneman Douglas High shootings.

The new legislation allows a judge to decide if a person is too dangerous to own a gun without any due process.

Four firearms and ammunition were ordered removed from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself or others.

The law is classified as “risk protection” but this thoughtcrime legislation is one slippery slope.

Additionally, the man was brought to a hospital and was forced into psychiatric treatment.

The order was signed by Broward’s Chief Judge Jack Tuter.

The man is also prohibited from trying to purchase or obtain guns or ammunition from any source.

The reasoning is that the officials are putting the safety of citizens before the Second Amendment. The proponents of the laws will tell you it’s not about the 2nd Amendment but of course, it is.

“We put the safety of our residents first,” said Lighthouse Point Mayor Glenn Troast. “This is not about the Second Amendment and it’s not about the NRA. We need commonsense gun laws and this is a commonsense gun law that gives police officers new tools they need to help us protect our community.”

The danger of this law is people can be labeled based on false testimony by enemies. It can be misused by all manner of people. We need to keep a close watch on this.

The National Rifle Association immediately filed a lawsuit in federal court in Tallahassee challenging some aspects of the law, including the legality of banning gun sales to people under the age of 21.

Gun Confiscation by Age

Several states want to bar the under-21-year old crowd from owning rifles the left mislabels as “assault rifles” or “weapons of war”. These are youth who can vote and serve in the military.

In Illinois a bill requiring 18-20-year-olds to hand over or transfer ownership of heretofore legally possessed “assault weapons” is gaining sponsors in the Illinois Senate after passing the House last month.

The bill, HB 1465, was sponsored in the House by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) and passed by a vote of 64-51 on February 28.

There seems to be little resistance by the GOP but we will see.

We just had a serial bomber killing innocent people. Shall we ban bombs? Oh, wait, they are banned. A mad youth in Florida recently killed a 13-year old boy and attempted to kill an entire family for jihad. Shall we ban knives?

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