Gun Confiscation in Missouri & Minnesota



Recently Cuomo talked about gun confiscation in NY and quickly walked it back. Now Missouri and Minnesota Democrats are emboldened to actually attempt it.

The Founding Fathers enshrined our Second Amendment rights within the Constitution to enable us to ward off tyranny. There are all kinds of tyrannical forces. We have the Occupiers, the Communists, the Socialists, and so many other groups that would control us. We must protect this right.

via GatewayPundit

Here is the language of the Missouri bill:

4. Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:

(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;

(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or

(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.

5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.

Then there’s this…
Minnesota Democrats are pushing similar legislation using nearly identical language as the Missouri bill. Read more at  GatewayPundit

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