This Is How Gun Grabbers Take Our Gun Rights Away


So-called liberals want to take guns away and don’t see it as a right. They will attempt to take our gun rights away state by state. Gov. Daniel P. Malloy is trying to pull a fast one. He wants to make innocent gun owners into felons or make guns accessible to the rich alone.

The Democratic governor wants to quadruple the five-year renewal fee for pistol permits from $70 to $300. It will help offset his budget deficit. Instead of cutting his welfare state, he’s going after peoples’ rights.

People who are getting five-year permits for the first time will pay $370 instead of $140.

Wil he quadruple it again next year?

These fees are among the highest in the country. It sets a bad precedent because Democrats have talked about pricing people out of the gun market.

The National Rifle Association called Malloy’s proposal “outrageous” and vowed to fight it.

“The ability to protect and defend yourself should not be reserved only for the wealthy,” said Chris Kopacki, Connecticut legislative liaison for the NRA. “Some of our state’s poorest residents, many of whom live in high-crime neighborhoods, may not be able to afford a firearm for self-protection under Malloy’s proposed fee hikes.”

It’s a lot of money to exercise a right. Malloy is nothing better than a thief. He is going after the group he disagrees with.

Malloy’s response to the uproar was to lie and say his fees were in line with other states. New York City is the only jurisdiction that compares but they are the 50th worst state on the freedom index according to CATO Institute.

Malloy also brought up Sandy Hook.

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