Gun Registration Leads to Confiscation



Photo of a camel with the inscription, When I find the gun confiscation tent, my nose will be under it

In Cook County Chicago, the Second Amendment reads like this your right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…as long as you have FOID card. Chicago takes a little liberty with the Second Amendment.

Chicago is also living proof that gun registration leads to confiscation. Without court orders, they are confiscating guns from people they say are felons or mentally ill (as per the courts).

A new Sheriff’s team is sweeping the suburbs to confiscate guns from people who have had their FOID card revoked.

The sheriffs say they are confiscating guns from felons and those judged insane by the courts, but many are people who have not committed any violent offenses. Everyone could agree that violent criminals and those judged insane should not have guns, but the Sheriffs could get warrants and do it the right way.

Critics say such programs sometimes also confiscate the guns of people convicted of crimes unrelated to firearms, such as drunken driving or tax evasion. George Mason University law professor Joyce Lee Malcolm, a Second Amendment scholar and gun-rights advocate, said laws on who can’t possess firearms are too broad. “People that have committed a nonviolent crime are not a danger to the community,” she said, “so it seems wrong to seize guns from them.”

New York also provides proof that registration leads to gun confiscation. When one of our family members – a hunter – died, the police showed up at his home in Queens, New York to confiscate his guns – within days of his death. Fortunately, the guns were already given to his sons in Suffolk County. The New York City police have no jurisdiction in Suffolk. It was attempted theft, nothing more. Why didn’t New York give the family time to sell his guns?

California has a similar program.

During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans PD, the US Army National Guard, and US Marshals confiscated as many civilian-held firearms as they could gather up. It took the NRA & the Second Amendment Foundation filing suit some 7 months later to get the City of New Orleans even to admit they had seized weapons. It hasn’t done a thing to limit their crime problems which are back in full swing.

After the Boston Marathon bombings heavily armed goon squads went door to door yanking US citizens out of their homes at gun point and openly confiscated lawfully owned firearms from its residents.

There are calls from gun control advocates to confiscate guns nationally – a dangerous proposition.

There is a bill in Congress now which would provide federal grants for states who set up a gun confiscation program.

All of this is an erosion on the Second Amendment. They are taking guns from people who are nonviolent and they are using weather events and terrorist attacks to go after legal gun owners.

Gun confiscation in the name of protecting the public could be the camel’s nose under the tent. Gun registration has the inevitable result of gun confiscation down the road.

More information at the Chicago Sun-Times and the WSJ

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