Gun Sales Are Surging Among an Unusual Group


Gun sales have slumped overall but there are some unusual groups buying guns who never bought guns before. Sales among minorities, women and LGBTs in particular have risen since the Pulse nightclub attack.

They are buying guns because they are fearful of attacks by Trump supporters though they really should be afraid of the Obama supporters, like the madman who shot up the Pulse nightclub.

Whatever it takes for people to realize they need to be responsible for themselves and not reliant upon government is likely a good thing.

“It’s the political climate,” said Jeigh Johnson, who is black and married to another woman. “One of my friends said, ‘Our president… gave hate groups a megaphone.'”

Johnson is shopping around for her first AR-15. Before she became a gun hobbyist, her main vice was shoes.

Jeigh is sorely mistaken because she is one of the many victims of the divisive rhetoric spewed by the Obama administration for eight years, but we’re glad she’s arming up.

In February, Austin gun seller Michael Cargill said “a group representing 100 black women” contacted him requesting firearms lessons.

“They said it’s because of the election. They’re afraid the country is going back in time.”

They heard the fake reports that right-wing hate attacks are up.

It’s insane to think that Trump is being blamed for the problems Obama wrought, for radical Muslims, and for Democrat hate rhetoric. Trump is even blamed for the anti-Semitism Obama was obviously guilty of.

Oh well, at least they are beginning to understand the value of gun rights.

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