Gun Totin’ Hypocrite Gillibrand’s Love Letter (Excerpts) to the NRA


There may be no more hypocritical, self serving, human, political weather vein in D.C. than Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand.   And, while two months after being re-elected, Gilly blowing off her 2018 campaign pledge to serve a full 6 year term was duplicitous even for her, it pales in comparison to her flip flopping on the Second Amendment.  

On Fox, Gillibrand, stupidly betting the NRA had memories as conveniently short as hers, went from the “Conservative” Congresswoman who repeatedly bragged about sleeping with a couple of guns under her bed, to calling that group “the worst organization in the country”.   

Not only does the National Association have a terrific memory, but recollections are bolstered by archived letters from politicians who’ve sung the outfit’s praises.  And few, if any pols were more effusive in their praise than one Kirsten E. Gillibrand.  

Here are some excerpts of her letter addressed to Executive Director Chris Cox.  We left the multiple errors in grammar unchanged, figuring it might be the only thing proven authentic about the correspondence.  

If you’ve seen bits and pieces of her communique we’d urge you to give this more extensive expose’ a quick read.  It’s really rather stunning.  

Dear Chris,

“Thank you again for meeting with me before the August recess.  Even though we discussed many of my positions regarding 2nd amendment issues, I wanted to provide you with a more full description of my beliefs on this issues.”

“To begin with, I want to be very clear that I always have and always will believe that the correct interpretation of the 2nd amendment is that it applies to an individual’s right to carry guns, and does not apply generally to the National Guard, or a group of individuals in a State.  Moreover, I do not believe that public housing authorities should have the right to ban firearms by people living in their homes.  Not only is this discriminatory, but it violates the rights of citizens living in their homes.”  

“On the question of outright banning of certain firearms for cosmetic features, bullets of an random size, or banning magazines holding an arbitrary number of cartridges, I am adamantly opposed and do not believe that laws should be based on random limits just for the sake of limiting gun ownership or usage.”

Gillibrand went further, “I share your concerns about these and other attempts to that could contribute to the slippery slope of government confiscation of firearms based on the arbitrary whims of politics and public opinion.”

“I was also a proud co-signer of the amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court during the trial between the District of Columbia v. Heller and I was pleased that the Court correctly stood up for gun owners throughout the District by striking down the unconstitutional firearms restrictions.”

Kirsten concluded, “I appreciate the work the NRA does to protect gun owners rights and I look forward to working with you for many years in Congress.”

Just like she appreciated being elected to serve a new full, six year term in the Senate!  



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