Gun-Toting Valdosta Flag Defiler Wants to Kill All White Crackkkas – Still on the Loose


subject of manhunt

Remember the radical Valdosta State University student “protester” whose flag was taken away by a female Navy veteran who was then arrested aggressively and detained?

The protesters were defiling the flag and the leader was a person named Eric Sheppard. He is wanted in connection with a gun found in his backpack and has refused to turn himself in. He said he’d “annihilate” anyone who comes after him. He’s at it again. He wants to kill all white crackkkas, even old crippled crackkkas. He must be bucking for the presidency of the New Black Panthers.

Sheppard’s protests were aimed at so-called white privilege and white supremacy.

He can be seen again in this photo.

Eric Sheppard

The police can’t find him?!?! They said there was a manhunt underway and he is armed and dangerous.

He sent a profanity-laced “memorandum ultimatum” to The Valdosta Daily Times condemning white people and local police.


He sent a video of himself in sunglasses inside an SUV with his statement after graduation ceremonies at Lowndes High School. He also referenced a protest planned over the disputed death of teen Kendrick Johnson at the high school two years before.

“When my People descend upon [Lowndes High School] and if they are met with even the slightest inclination of resistance by any pale skinned beast or aid they are more than Justified to Take your Head and post it on a stake for the Entire world to See,” Sheppard wrote.

“Many still question the possibility of my surrendering to the people who call themselves ‘authorities,’” Sheppard wrote. “To give you a simple answer, No. I will not turn myself over to any white man.”

Yet I did NOTHING of that Magnitude and My Head has Been Marked for Death,” Sheppard continued.

“This will Cost You all YOUR Lives……What You say I am “guilty” of is Bringing a Weapon on the Valdosta State University campus, Threatening White People and All who Aid their White Supremacist Structure and Stepping on Your dirty rag that you call ‘Old Glory’. Well it is Us the Victims of the Actions enforced under that Symbol that Will Glorify Our Triumph over Your Sick Race.”

Quoting former Nation of Islam leader and New Black Panther Party chairman, Kallid Abdul Muhammad, Sheppard wrote of whites, “we give them 24 hours to get out of town by sundown.”

“I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the white men, we kill the white women, we kill the white children, we kill the white babies, we kill the blind whites, we kill the crippled whites, we kill the crazy whites, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill ’em all,” Sheppard continued.

“If they are white kill ‘em all.”

He also advocated killing “all the old crippled crackkkas.”

It’s just a publicity stunt, the Chief said.

Publicity? Just kids being kids too one must suppose.


Source: The Valdosta Daily Times and Daily Caller