Loser Democrat Ossoff Declares an “Historic Victory”

Ossoff’s supporters holding up the commie fist.

Democrat Jon Ossoff didn’t make the 50% he needed to take the seat left vacant by Tom Price, the former seat of Newt Gingrich, even with his $8.3 million in donations from outside the state. He came in at 48.1%. There were 17 Republicans in the race who together exceed 50% of the electorate.

Ossoff actually declared an “historic victory” though he lost. He claimed it’s a story about women in this community. This is the guy who won’t marry his girlfriend of 12 years. His victory is keeping her on a string for more than a decade.

Following is his speech after he lost. Ossoff says it’s “a victory for the ages”. He’s “changing the world” and he “beat the odds”. What odds? It was right in line with the population and the path of the presidential election. He collected 95% of his money from out of state and he had the nerve to call it “grassroots”. He also said he was “humble”.

After $8.3 million he only received 48% of the vote and that’s a Democrat’s idea of a victory.

He’s nauseatingly phony and arrogant.

Following is his speech before he lost.

It is impossible for Republicans to win with 17 competitors in the race. The former secretary of state Karen Handel came closest with 19.8% of the votes. She has the full support of the established Republican Party and will vie for the seat on June 20th against Ossoff.

She will likely win and he will be forgotten.

A website called PatriotRetort morphed him into Pajama Boy. It didn’t take a lot of morphing.

There was a lot of infighting in the Georgia Republican Party with conservatives hoping to win the seat. All this benefitted the Democrat Ossoff.

Jon Ossoff

Ossoff couldn’t vote for himself because he doesn’t live in the district. He lives with his girlfriend of 12 years in another district – TEN MINUTES AWAY.  It was too much for him to move ten minutes into the district he wants to represent. The Democrat who came out of nowhere said he is living in a different district until his girlfriend finishes medical school. Apparently he still won’t be living in the district should he win. He said he needs to support his girlfriend but usually real support includes putting a ring on her finger after 12 years.

Ossoff had $8.3 million to spend and 95% of it came from out of state, including  a lot from Hollywood.

While hard-left actor Samuel L. Jackson was making commercials [because Hollywood did so well last election?], Donald Trump was making robo calls. He tweeted after the election.

The final results

Deep Red State of Georgia Is Turning Blue

Georgia’s population has changed. Democrats have poured into the state in recent years. Northern Democrats moving south have greatly affected the voting patterns. There is also a growing Muslim population who now are about 10% to 13% of the population and they are voting overwhelmingly Democrat. In 2010, 55.9% were Non-Hispanic White, 3.8% White Hispanic, 30.5% Black or African American (including Hispanics). They also overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Georgia has the 6th largest population of people here illegally.

Business Insider wrote last year:

The changes that have taken place in Georgia mirror the kinds of changes that have put into play other formerly solid Republican states in the South, like Virginia and North Carolina. As with these states, Georgia’ population has been growing and diversifying.

In 2000, roughly 63 percent of Georgians were white. Today, an estimated 54 percent are, the result of a Latino population that has grown from roughly 5 percent to more than 9 percent, a black population that has grown from 29 percent to 31 percent, and an Asian population that has grown from roughly 2 percent to 4 percent.

Urban centers like Atlanta and the industries based in them like tech and health care are growing, which is causing migration, which means liberals are moving from their high-taxed states to red states, bringing their ideology with them. It’s also a product of migration from foreign lands.

The changes in Demographics since 2000 are dramatic, according to Business Insider:

The trajectory of voter registrations since 2000 suggested as much—almost a million new nonwhite voters registered between 2000 and 2014 compared with just over 111,000 new white voters—and in 2014, Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s house minority leader, launched the New Georgia Project, an ambitious effort to register minorities. But in the end, Nunn lost to Perdue roughly 53 percent to 45 percent.

Far-left Democrat organizations are registering minorities to vote in record numbers throughout the nation as well as in Georgia.  The left has successfully won and kept the black vote and they hope to do the same with foreigners though their policies have failed them.

America has a higher percentage of minorities than most other First World countries.

In many First World nations, the left has assembled minorities into a welfare coalition. But such a coalition is much more potent in the United States because of demographics and guilt over segregation and slavery.

The final ambition of the left is to alter demographics of the U.S. and the entire developed world to a majority-minority population. It will allow them to loot the evil racist white minority of its wealth to finance their Socialist schemes.



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