H.R. McMaster Is Accused of Leaking, Might Be Replaced by CIA Chief Pompeo – Update

H.R. McMaster




People are leaking from the White House. One potential leaker who is currently under scrutiny is H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser. There are rumors that he might be replaced with Mike Pompeo. McMaster is said to be leaking White House internal politics to Andrew McCabe, acting director of the FBI, Sara Carter of Circa News tweeted.

That isn’t the only problem from the administration’s point of view. McMaster has kept the Obama appointees in their positions, causing some frustration.

“There’s no such thing as a holdover,” H.R. McMaster said in July, referring to the career professionals who stayed on the council after the presidential transition. McMaster added that career staffers are loyal to the president.

That’s possible but how likely?

McMaster recently fired the widely respected Col. Derek Harvey, a Trump loyalist. While no reason was given, some say he is an Iran hawk.

Bloomberg reported that Harvey had come up with a list of so-called “[Barack] Obama holdovers” at NSC who were suspected of leaking to the press. White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and Trump urged McMaster to fire them, but he refused.

Other’s say Harvey’s list had nothing to do with leaking to the press. Instead, the targeted staff had written a memo on key issues in the counter-Islamic State campaign and sent it directly to McMaster, circumventing Harvey which angered him.

It should be noted however that McMaster has purged several conservatives from the Council.

McMaster has also allowed top officials from President Obama’s White House to come and go in and out of the White House compound freely.

Robert Malley, Obama’s “ISIS czar,” and an apologist for Islamic terror groups, has met with National Security Council staff on multiple occasions.

McMaster has also promoted Kris Bauman to a top post. It was Bauman who created President Obama’s West Bank security plan that is said to endanger Israel’s sovereignty, CR reports.

McMaster might have been leaking to McCabe

Investigative reporter Sara Carter tweeted that sources claim McMaster has been leaking to Andrew McCabe, whose Democratic wife famously ran for Congress with funding from Hillary allies.

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that President Trump has lost confidence in McMaster. There is another rumor that Trump is considering putting CIA Chief Mike Pompeo into McMaster’s position.



  1. It would be one thing if these leaks were to expose something unethical or illegal but these are nothing but unprincipled, destructive, and unAmerican for the sole purpose of disruption.

    If they are perpetrated by ANYONE in the military they should lose their rank and be summarily discharged. It is One thing for a civilian to commit such a violation but for someone in the military to do so is contrary to Everything the military stands, or Should stand for. It’s not just unethical it is subversive. Subversion has NO place in the military, by ANYONE.

    The leak explosion has been, by far, solely to disrupt the Administration and to cause difficulty in pursuing its policies. It’s additional purpose is to not only distract, but to make any support untenable, especially to those currently in Government, whether it be in Congress or aides to the President.

    A case in point was on CBS’s Face the Nation. I believe it was with Scaramucci. The “interrogation” was so disgusting I had to QUIT watching halfway through. Every, Single, Question, peppered him in a way to manipulate the answer to an attack on Trump. This was well beyond Anything I have Ever Ever seen. This isn’t “bias”. It goes far far beyond that. It was pathological. It has left me with just one recourse. This Conglomerate news media needs to be destroyed and I believe all the tweets, etc., are a means to that end.



    I had read about the initial story regarding an FBI leak and consequently came to certain conclusions as a result. I had considered Sara Carter an ethical journalist who wanted to ferret out truth. I can’t be so sure now. The above site may be reading more into the situation than what reality suggests but in any event I am disappointed in the outcome. Considering the information in the follow-up story the initial one was highly subjective and misleading. Either it was deliberate in order to get notice or she got played. Either way, the source is compromised and their future product has to be called into question.

    • WOW, so who do I trust? Sarah Carter is working for Sinclair Broadcasting and they hope to become the new Fox News. I think that’s why she’s suddenly popped up. Hannity likes her reports so he’s pushed for her and Solomon to come on. if she is playing games, she won’t last long.

      Actually, I have been wondering about her lately. Some of what she said about FISA were wrong and she makes a whole lot of nothing sound like something.

      Sean Hannity makes a lot of mistakes also. Actually, everyone on TV and online makes a lot of mistakes.

  3. What’s really disconcerting is nothing of significance seems to be uncovered. I’m not prone to conspiracy theories but there are matters of deep concern. The only leak uncovered was from the lowest of operatives and she was quickly found out and charged. The leaks that matter most which affects people’s lives are, or seem to be, inconsequential. If this so-called Deep State is That entrenched it may be unlikely uprooted.

    I had a good deal of respect for these Agencies and when we invaded Afghanistan there was condemnation for the CIA. When an operative there was killed I wrote to the CIA telling them we appreciated their work. I received a very nice email of thanks. Beginning with the Snowden release I have begun to have second thoughts. The Obama administration has seemingly used the Federal Government for their own benefit, personal and financial.

    All this is very very dangerous. You have the left despising the Government BECAUSE of Trump and the right BECAUSE of entrenched bureaucrats seeking to do harm to Trump. This is a recipe for a Civil War and that will NOT be in anyone’s interest. Then there’s the media stoking BOTH sides, going after Trump and aligning with and supporting a virulent opposition. I made this argument to the Reporters group that wrote about the Trump/CNN wrestling video. Within 5 minutes it was erased. These reporters just don’t seem to care. Are they so in lust of their ratings, via conflict, that they are willing to see the country explode into nationwide violence. That would sell tremendously and they could reap huge profits. We DO know that is the ONLY concern of CNN.


    “So now POTUS Trump is applying increasing pressure upon Sessions to either step up his game or step down as AG. Sessions stepping down is critical to how Trump can then proceed from there. It would allow him to utilize the powers of the Vacancies Act, meaning a current cabinet member who has already been granted Senate confirmation can be reassigned to a vacant position without requiring another Senate confirmation. For instance, Sessions could resign as AG, take up the now vacant position at Homeland Security, and POTUS Trump could approve say, Rick Perry, who is currently Trump’s Secretary of Energy, to move over as the new Attorney General – all without having to go through a Senate confirmation process.”

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