Hack Chuck Schumer Is Worried About Anti-Semitic Attacks


Chucky Schumer tweeted the NY Daily News story about the NYPD reporting that “anti-Semitic incidents are up 94%”. “Brooklyn’s Washington Cemetery is another appalling example”, the article in the leftist newspaper says. “It must stop”, it concludes.

The conclusion one is supposed to draw is that since Donald Trump was elected, these crimes of vandalism and called-in bomb threats have risen dramatically. Trump supporters did it even though you’d be hard-pressed to find a Trump supporter in New York City which is run by a communist mayor.

The article focuses on a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn where headstones were toppled. It adds that it’s happening across three dozen states. The article fails to mention that authorities believe many of the calls are coming in from abroad.

Deeper in the article, it admits the same cemetery was also targeted by vandals in 2010 — two hundred headstones were toppled in a wave of violence.

The NY Daily News did report: Authorities also said on Friday that Juan Thompson, a former journalist fired for fabricating details in stories, made at least eight of the many threats against Jewish institutions nationwide as part of a campaign to harass and frame his ex-girlfriend.

They failed to mention that Juan is black and a communist Bernie Sanders supporter.

The police didn’t actually say hate crimes against Jewish people were up 94%. That figure was based on the NY Daily News Math and who knows what it was based on.

What the NYPD reportedly said was:”Hate crimes are up in this city,” he said. “They’re driven primarily by anti-Semitic hate crimes.”

They might want to look for guys like these four who beat and slashed a guy on a New York street for no reason. We have lots of Islamic refugees from terror nations. One must wonder about that and the fact that drug cartels, particularly Los Zetas, have a powerful foothold in this sanctuary city.

Or maybe these thugs who roam the streets at night.

Perhaps it was someone like the guy who stabbed an innocent 19-year old on a subway.

One thing is certain, it’s highly unlikely it’s a Trump supporter.

Another thing that is certain is Chucky has a 17% approval rating nationwide. The nation isn’t nuts but New York is.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

But this hypocrite, Mr. 17%, was fine supporting anti-Semite and Louie Farrakhan guy, Keith Ellison, for head of the DNC.