Hack Marilyn Mosby Charged An Innocent Plumber, Cafeteria Worker by Mistake


Sheriff Mike Lewis

Marilyn Mosby charged two innocent people, not police officers, in lieu of two of the six officers accused of causing the death of Freddie Gray.

Marilyn Mosby said she was working on this “24/7” (which she followed up by saying 18 hours a day).

“We went public because it was a matter of the public concern. At the end of the day this was a thorough investigation to get to the right result and I believe that we did,” she claimed.

The victims of her incompetence have been harassed by reporters and were in danger for their lives.

The Baltimore Sun has more information about the elementary school cafeteria manager, Alicia White, whose life was turned into hell for days because Mosby got the middle initials wrong, the address, height, weight, her driver’s license, all of the officer’s information.

The cafeteria worker’s attorney told the Sun that no one tried to arrest his client but, considering the tension in Baltimore, officials were reckless with “White’s safety by entering the incorrect information in the public database.”

The plumber, Brian Rice also was charged instead of the officer and was pestered by reporters.

Sheriff Mike Lewis who blew the whistle on the Baltimore mayor’s stand down order brought this to the attention of Sean Hannity last night on his show.


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