Hack Sen. Feinstein Says She’ll Go After Kavanaugh If Dems Take Senate


Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Thursday she would support a new investigation into Justice Brett Kavanaugh should Democrats take control of the Senate in November’s elections, The Washington Times reported.

She’s just doing it to win points with her far-left base who want the Justice impeached.

Instead, why doesn’t she investigate Blasey-Ford who didn’t tell the truth during her testimony or how about investigating porny lawyer Avenatti’s client who took back her fantastical story?

This is why Sen. Grassley should be investigating Sen. Feinstein. He wants some kind of polite relationship with these people and they want to destroy the GOP. We thought Grassley got it after the Kavanaugh debacle but he doesn’t get it.

The senator, speaking at a candidates’ forum Wednesday at the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California in San Francisco, also promised to push for more lenient immigration laws in the next session of Congress, where she could become chair of the Judiciary Committee should Democrats win a majority.

She is trying to get points as her far-far-left opponent — open borders Kevin de Leon — creeps up slightly in the polls. They are both far-left but he says voters should pick him because he’s new blood.

Feinstein isn’t going to be the chair of the judiciary and Democrats won’t win the Senate. She can give that idea up.

Mad Maxine Waters said this week that Justice Kavanaugh will never “rest easy”. They’ve made destroying him a goal based on no evidence.


  1. Don’t trust Grassley. He botched (deliberately) investigations into the DOJ. He allowed the Kavanaugh hearings to be a leftist protest. He only rescued the nomination when his own career was jeopardized. He has no intention of any serious investigation of Feinstein or perjury. The entire leadership of the party should be replaced. Hoping for these people to improve is futile.

  2. Greenfield has a very important article in today’s FPM, ‘The Plot Against the Supreme Court’, they are out to tarnish the Supreme Court because if the Left can’t have the Supreme Court, it will do its best to destroy it. Read it.

  3. I hope that DiFi finds out she is in stage four ovarian cancer and is dead soon. These evil no good hags like her and MaxiPad Waters need to die and let some decent people take their place. I’m sure Satan has a nice place for them when they get to hell.

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