Half of American Citizens Now Live in Sanctuaries for Foreigners Here Illegally


Half of all Americans live in sanctuaries where illegal aliens are a protected class. This is according to information provided by FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. 

FAIR calculates there were 564 states and municipalities that refuse some level of cooperation with federal immigration authorities as of April 1, up more than 200 since President Trump took office and up more than 500 compared with a decade ago. There were just 40 sanctuaries when President Obama took office.

Entire states such as California, Illinois and New York are now sanctuaries, as well as major cities and counties such as Fairfax, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and the District of Columbia in the capital region, according to the list.

These cities and jurisdictions take in 49 percent of the nation’s population.

The numbers are a bit misleading, however. These places were protecting illegals for year, but they had to make it into de facto law under Trump because his policies follow immigration law.

It is also important to note that the ever-increasing numbers of illegals has a huge effect on U.S. policies. Whether illegals vote or not is not necessarily the issue. They will eventually vote and they protest. The foreigners have tremendous political clout when they go out with their children chanting and marching with placards.

“This is just an astounding and a dramatic surge of sanctuary jurisdictions,” said Bob Dane, executive director at FAIR. “They’ve doubled in just two years, and if you game that out, if the exponential growth continues, it’s not going to be long before it’s accurate to say the U.S. is a sanctuary country.”

FAIR defines a sanctuary cities as: Sanctuary policies are laws, ordinances, resolutions, executive actions, or any initiatives that prohibit local officials from inquiring, acting on, or reporting an individual’s immigration status—even when there is reasonable suspicion that an individual is in the country illegally. Many sanctuary policies restrict law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officials, including prohibiting their compliance with immigration detainers.

A sanctuary country is an open border land without sovereignty and without an identity. It cannot be a country. That will be the United States within a short time.

It Is a Win for Leftists

The open borders leftists are pushing it further and further, paying for and encouraging foreigners living in other countries to come into the United States.

We are not operating under the Rule of Law in this country and the price we will pay will be dear.

At Rutgers, as one example of the leftist push, officials are promoting a mandatory training program for students that requires students to help foreigners here illegally get into colleges and receive taxpayer-funded benefits.

They want to make the program nationwide and it is only one example.

President Trump Might Be Angry With the DHS Secretary

Bloomberg reports that the DHS secretary might have considered resigning after a big blowup at a Wednesday cabinet meeting. During the meeting, an angry President Trump allegedly berated her for not holding back the illegals crossing our borders.

The numbers blowing in are back up to hundreds of thousands every few months. Foreigners will soon replace American citizens and already have tremendous political power.

Secretary Nielsen allegedly tried to explain that the laws that need to be changed and that is what is causing the problem. That is certainly correct. The catch and release policy, benefits for foreigners who are now a protected class, sanctuarie locales, and so on, promote illegal immigration.

There is also the fact that an insidious movement led by the hard-left and people like George Soros. They are pushing illegal immigration to forever change the United States.

Americans no longer have any say whatsoever about who comes into the country.

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