Hamas Tightens Up Their Punitive Laws, Adds Amputations and Lashings



Hamas, as bad as they are, there’s worse.

The terrorist ruling party of Gaza – Hamas – has tightened up their Sharia laws. They’ve added amputations and lashings to their repertoire.

Faraj Al Ghoul, the head of the Legal Department at the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, heralded the fact that the Palestinian parliament in Gaza will replace a punitive law from 1936 – Law No. 74 – with far stricter punishments.

The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), along with several other Palestinian factions are none too happy because it presents them in a bad light as they attempt to deal with the West and work out deals they find suitable. It will also cause a divide among the Palestinians – the liberals and the fascists and those in between.

“The ruling Hamas in Gaza had failed for eight consecutive years to resolve the continuous crisis of the Gaza Strip, which includes ever-growing poverty and spreading unemployment and the delay of payment of the public workers,” the PFLP statement said.

The ruling Hamas leaders have a solution to the poverty and unemployment – they’re going to cut off the hands of thieves and increase the lashings for criminal cases. Not to stop there – they have expanded the death penalty as per Sharia.  Hamas is already free-wheeling with the death penalty, having hung three people last year alone.

The PLFP wants them to become more modern and not go backwards.

Interestingly, there are 1700 millionaires in this impoverished country. A little corruption going on in Gaza perhaps?

It will be interesting to see if the Hamas front groups in the U.S. like CAIR will condemn the new law. Nihad Awad is their Executive Director and has said that suicide bombings are defensible as “legitimate resistance.”

The Islamic Jihad is growing in importance in Gaza as the ruling Hamas Party goes into decline, according to The Economist. They are receiving “dollops of money” from Iran, as well as weaponry. “Flush with Iranian cash, Islamic Jihad has been trying to take the lead in dispensing charity during Gaza’s Muslim festivals.” they have 5,000 fighters. Hamas, the U.N. and the Palestinian Authority are strapped for cash.

Hamas has lost its main benefactors – Egypt and Syria. They do have 20,000 fighters and remain the dominant force in Gaza, according to The Economist.

Meanwhile, they are still lobbing rockets into Israel despite that wonderful peace deal they worked out with Mohammed Morsi and Hillary Clinton which the White House played up at the time. They lobbed one into the Negev desert just today.




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