Hannity Breaks Up Twitter Fight Between Two Fox News Hosts


Brit Hume, a longtime Fox News commentator, took exception to a tweet Steve Hilton posted, calling Biden the swamp, totally corrupt, compromised by China, adding he should be investigated. Where Hilton went wrong was declaring he was totally corrupt since he hasn’t had a trial.

Instead of just sending a private direct message, Hume blasted it out on Twitter so Hilton responded in defense of his comment. Hume probably doesn’t want a Fox host to put out incorrect information but it looked like virtue signaling.


Sean Hannity put an end to it, praising Hume, saying he’s not the swamp [maybe not, but he is establishment].

Then he agreed with Steve that there are serious issues surrounding Biden and his son that need to be answered.

In conclusion, “No P}^*++= in the tent”.  Absolutely! It is fodder for the Maoists and it would hurt Hilton more than Hume. Hannity did Hilton a favor.

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