Hannity Interviewed the FBI Informant, Bringing Up One Serious Question


For thirty years, William Campbell risked his life as an FBI informant. Mr. Campbell was involved with the Russian operations in the United States since 2005. That brings up a question.

That means he was involved with the Russians for several years while George W. Bush was president. It brings up some questions, especially given Bush’s contempt for President Trump. It’s true that Trump was harsh in his treatment of his brother Jeb, but what if there is more to Bush’s anger?

It is a good thing that Campbell was put in there by Bush and Bush isn’t the one who went through with the Uranium One deal. It’s not likely he would have gone through with a deal like that, but we should know more about what transpired from the beginning. We need to know when this politicization began.

Barack Obama kept some of George Bush’s top appointees.

Law enforcement protected Hillary Clinton because she was seen as the future president, the informant said. The Russians had no doubt Clinton and Obama would go along with the Uranium One sale and referred to the administration as “weak”, according to the informant.

The entire department was politicized. Was it also politicized under Bush? Maybe we should investigate how long this politicization has been going on and how that has affected these agencies. It’s an important question. Did this just suddenly start in 2009 or was it already in place?

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5 years ago

The only possible motive for the uranium sale appears to be money. The Clintons always operated that way. They had the entire situation rigged: The media did not cover it. We heard about it 6 years later! The FBI boss, Mueller, stopped the Russian bribery probe about the time the deal was made. In 2016, Comey/Lynch “cleared” Hillary of espionage. Then in 2017, key participants in the uranium deal, Mueller & Rosenstein, are enlisted by the Sessions betrayal to subvert the DOJ, and go after Trump.