Hannity Says He’s Not Going Down Like Bill O’Reilly


Sean Hannity knows the left is after him and he has already begun to fight. He is possibly planning lawsuits against news outlets and who knows who on the left. He says he will not end up like Bill O’Reilly and has a team of lawyers and investigators to out the offenders and take them to court.

It’s not Debbie Schlussel he’s looking to sue. She’s the sketchy blogger who alleged that Hannity invited her back to his hotel and, when she refused, was banned from Fox. Schlussel has retracted some of statements.

Trump tweeted that it is way bigger than one person.

He also warned that IP addresses are traceable. This should prove interesting. You never know who is sending out these tweets.

Something is happening soon.

This smacks of truth.

And, finally, he will not end up like Bill O’Reilly.

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