Hannity Warns Trump Mueller Report Is Meant to Destroy His Presidency


William Barr’s hearing is underway in the Senate today. When asked if he thought special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was a witch hunt as the President describes it, he said he did not believe it was. He also described Mueller as a friend his family knows well.

Recently, the NY Times and The Washington Post claimed the FBI probed the President for possible collusion and then obstruction because they believed the President could be a national security threat and possibly a Russian agent or dupe.

Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame said the report will claim the President “destabilized” the United States. On the other hand, Jon Karl of ABC News said he’s hearing the report will be anti-climactic.

Bill O’Reilly said on his podcast that the story in the NY Times is a plant and it’s false. He disagrees with Hannity’s assessment below and says Jon Karl would not downplay the Mueller report unless he was getting nervous since ABC News is up to its eyeballs in the Russia-Trump colluded theory.

This takes us to Hannity who said last night he is convinced that it will be a disaster for the President.


Fox News host Sean Hannity said he doesn’t believe the news that Robert Mueller’s report is “anti-climatic”. He expects it to be a political bombshell.

“They’re not looking into Hillary Clinton, her phony Russian dossier that she paid for. Their focus is singularly on President Trump and everyone around him,” Hannity said Monday. He then played a clip of ABC’s Jonathan Karl downplaying the Mueller report.

“Honestly, I don’t trust what you just heard,” Hannity replied. “Given the overwhelming partisan makeup of Mueller’s team and their behavior throughout this process, consisting of high powered Democratic donors and attorneys — mark my words, they have and will continue to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.”

“Here’s the problem, this is what should concern every American tonight — If these deep state actors succeed, forget about [a] free and a fair justice system, it’s done. Might as well take the Constitution as we know it and shred it, because that’s over forever.”

We are already there on many fronts. We certainly don’t follow the rule of law on the border.

Hannity continued, “Never forget the hate Trump Democrats, hate Trump media, they have been tied at the hip the whole time — reporting innuendo, lies, conspiracies daily. Just like last week, we saw the talking point of the Democratic Party regurgitated by their friends in the media. A manufactured crisis at the border. No, people getting killed and drugs crossing our border, that’s real.”

He has more to say.

Watch and tell us what you think:

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Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

It’s a pity half-wit Hannity didn’t press for a competent comprehensive official investigation of the queer bastard communist Quisling pretender a decade ago. His stupidity and that of so many of his countrymen will probably culminate in the annihilation of the American populace by neutron bomb attack. See Volume One of “American Holocaust: Communist Subjugation of America” on website awlmj.com

5 years ago

I do not see a big distinction. The report will try to destroy Trump. The media, left and RINOs will scream about it. The NYT report is a plant but we know Trump was falsely investigated as a security threat. There goes O’Reilly again with his “balanced” reporting, as if we believe him that the FBI did not investigate Trump. Bill never had strength in analysis. FBI people were texting their hate of Trump and plans to go after him, they did go after him, yet Bill now says they did not.

ebenezeer Jones
ebenezeer Jones
5 years ago

Remember the “DeepState” is alive and well. If we don’t like what you do we are able to take actions.