Hanoi Jane Compares Trump to Hitler & Supporters Are the Third Reich


“If you’ve read anything about the rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, you will see the parallels,” Fonda said at the Women’s Media Awards.

Hanoi Jane buttering up the Viet Cong.

She’s right, America is in grave danger, but it’s not because of President Trump and traditional Americans. It’s because of communist traitors like her.

Hollywood Reporter actually wrote: Just days after President Trump labeled the press “the true enemy of people,” Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Maxine Water, and liberal public figures joined together in New York City on Thursday to celebrate champions for women in media.

He NEVER SAID that. The President said, “fake news is the enemy of the people” and it is. There’s plenty of it going around.

Traitor Jane said everyone has to get out and vote.

“If you’ve read anything about the rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, you will see the parallels,” Fonda said. “Attacking the media is the first step in the move towards fascism. The cornerstone to democracy is an independent, democratic media.”

Democrats/Socialists rule by fear mongering and they are the fascists.

The traitor Jane said if they don’t like the Supreme Court rulings, they will disobey them.

“Even if the Supreme Court were to make terribly unfair rulings, if you remember, Martin Luther King said it’s our obligation to disobey unjust laws,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re not going to obey them.”

Fonda went into some gibberish about travel bans.

Don’t let these people gaslight you. You are not crazy. Everything the President has done has been to bring America back to the rule of law. He’s imperfect but he is trying to do the right thing.



  1. These self-righteous bigots are nothing but moralistic anarchists who want to dominate and rule over America, The Third Reich applies directly to them, but they are more closely related to Marxism/Stalin/Lenin.

  2. Some people DO truly believe that their ability to read a teleprompter and memorize lines some how translates to superior intellect. Read her words carefully and decide for yourself. STUPID IS!!!

  3. It is unfortunate that Trump does not declare a state of national emergency, suspend the Constitution, and throw the commie Fonda into a nice camp where she could rot for the rest of her days. Whatever else one can say about Hitler, one must admit, he knew how to deal with his and his nation’s enemies.

  4. Fonda made a stop to the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia during her Communist speaking tour. I was just a kid but stopped to see what all the hoopla was about. Fonda’s audience was a small group of mother’s whose sons were serving in Vietnam. Fonda, in her speech, went on to say that our soldiers were baby killers. The mother’s stormed the platform and just about ripped Fonda to shreds. Fonda’s handlers threw her in a vehicle and sped out of there (she’s a traitor). As for Gloria Steinem, the supposed mother of the women’s movement, stated that the women who did not vote for Clinton were lead by their noses and forced by their husbands to vote for Trump. No, Gloria, we are women who make our own decisions. You were the one being lead by the nose.

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