Happy Earth Day! Its Glorified Co-Founder Left a Woman to Die in a Trunk Under His Bed


We here at the Sentinel always like to commemorate Earth Day with a tribute to one of the founders.  He was a murderer and a hero of the movement – one of the leftist idols who helped come up with the Earth Day scam.

Ira Einhorn, Earth Day co-founder

Today is Earth Day, the day that environmental extremist throughout the world worship at the altar of Mother Earth. The Day and its events were co-concocted by Ira Einhorn, a vicious murderer who buried a woman in a trunk while alive and stored her under his bed.

Ira Einhorn is the notorious self-named Unicorn killer. He called himself the Unicorn because his name Einhorn meant one horn. Ira was as important a Communist radical as Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in the radical 60′s milieu. The slob was obese, had an unkempt beard, and rarely bathed. One friend described him as always smelling like a hoagie with onions.

The unbathed leftist was the King of the Radicals, the Prince of Flower Power, the Guru of Peace and Love, and Saver of the Earth according to media descriptions at the time.

He had created, from an otherwise innocent era, a flip-side world of reefers, LSD and free love. His way of life was an innovation in the Age of Aquarius and he was the Chief Aquarian in Philadelphia, at one time revered by the “new generation” of the 1960s.

Women seemed to find his philosophical ramblings with his superior, aggressive stance on issues overwhelmingly appealing. He never had trouble landing dates or women to abuse, even after strangling one girlfriend near to death in 1965 and then writing about the pleasure of it in his poetry.

Another girlfriend, Holly Maddux, went missing in September 1977. Holly was described as a delicate, ethereal blond beauty who her sister described as a Michelle Pfeiffer type. She was a child of the Earth and cared about saving the planet. The girl from Tyler, Texas went missing after telling Ira that she met someone else.

Holly Maddux

Holly Maddux was a sunny, blond-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader who went to Bryn Mawr and became a legitimate women’s libber in a sea of man-hating fakes. She hated the violence of the Vietnam War. The wispy and delicate beauty carried herself like a ballerina, her sister said. Einhorn, on the other hand, was hirsute, dirty and cloddish.

When Holly brought him home to meet her church-going, proper parents, he clawed at his food like a wild animal, shocking them into disbelief. They accepted the relationship because Holly was 25 by this time.

Holly was often seen battered and bruised and, shortly before her death, told her sister that she was tired of Ira.

For months after she was reported missing by her parents, Einhorn’s Philadelphia neighbors complained of a putrid odor coming from his apartment. A neighbor downstairs complained of a brownish red liquid dripping into his closet from Ira’s apartment.

At 9 AM on March 28, 1979, the police finally went to 3411 Race Street, the apartment of Ira Einhorn, not sure what they would find. The Philadelphia village was not a high-crime area and Ira was not a person who would commit a murder according to his associates.

However, Ira had a dark side which combined an overpowering personality with his sometimes abusive relationship with women. And he was never made to answer for it. He had people convinced he was a victim of FBI and CIA conspiracies.

The smelly brute was a devoted advocate of environmental causes. He made a career of financing many liberal causes by simply going into the homes and offices of the rich and asking for money.

When the detectives arrived at Ira’s house that day, one reached under Ira’s bed and found a trunk. As he pulled the coverings in it aside, he felt a small hand. He reached in further and found the mummified body of Holly Maddux.

Her skull had been crushed several times by blunt force and she was stuffed in a box the size of a child half her size.

The coroner would later say that she was still alive when placed in the trunk and tried to claw her way out. When found, her body weighed 37 pounds. When the shocked detective discovered her body, he said that it looked like he found Holly’s body.

The arrogant and disheveled Einhorn repeatedly said, “You found what you found.”

SOME LEFTISTS TRY TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM HIMIra Einhorn was one of the people who conceived the original Earth Day. The environmental terrorists of his day tried to disavow him after Holly’s body was discovered.

Donald Nathanson, the Prosecution witness, said Einhorn had been on the Earth Day organizing committee but when the Earth Day event was planned, he was kept off the 7-member panel because of his aggressive and boorish behavior. Einhorn, he said, attended and commandeered the event, taking over with endless rants and proclamations.

Earth Day was Einhorn’s conception, of that there is no doubt.


Soon-to-be U.S. senator at the time, Arlen Specter, was Mr. Einhorn’s attorney. “He managed to get the bail set at the unheard of amount of $40,000 for the suspected murderer. Only 10 percent was needed to free him. As an aside, Specter will live in infamy as a fake Republican. He changed parties to get swept into office during the Bush wave and was the deciding vote on Obamacare.

Barbara Bronfman, the heiress to the Seagram liquor fortune, paid Einhorn’s bail.

Proclaiming his innocence, Mr. Einhorn told all that he was framed for the murder. He said it was the CIA or the FBI who committed the murder and they were trying to frame him because of his political activities.

When he went on trial, other Philadelphia liberals joined Arlen Specter and Barbara Bronfman in speaking to his character and innocence. This was despite the fact that Holly Maddux’s body was found under his bed and despite the fact that the prosecution had insurmountable evidence supporting a conviction.

They’re despicable too.

Einhorn and his elite friends proclaimed his innocence. Einhorn was a darling of the Philadelphia elite and a force in the environmental movement and that trumped murdering an innocent girl who actually did love the earth.

The supporters at his trial included Ivy League professors, an Episcopalian minister and corporate executives who said under oath that Einhorn was a man of the greatest integrity.

Sickos! But that’s who these leftists are.

Einhorn was convicted and faced the death penalty. After Arlen Specter arranged the low bail, Einhorn fled and disappeared for sixteen years. The FBI found him in France, but extradition from France and took another four years. He was living like a country gentleman with his beautiful Swedish wife at the time. A special act of the Philadelphia legislature and a promise to not seek the death penalty got him back. He is in prison for 30 to life at the present time.

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