Happy New Year in Champigny Near Paris! Warning, Graphic Footage


This could easily be the USA. One Twitter user said they would have been shot were it the United States.

A large gang of youth outside of Paris attacked two police officers and left them seriously injured, Fox News reported.

In this first clip below, dozens of cowardly men beat up a female police officer and her superior who had tried to fight them off with a gas canister.

The footage is very violent and graphic. It’s sickening to see the cowardice and the violence inflicted on innocent officers answering a call.

The officer — who has not been named — was recorded being kicked around violently as the attackers around her whooped and screamed in the suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, southeast of Paris, France. Her colleague was so badly hurt that, according to The Mirror, he was forced to remove his pistol from its holster, but he did not get a shot off.

The officers are recovering and do not have life-threatening injuries although they do have concussions.

An unidentified woman using French street slang says, “The evening has really gone wrong! Goodness! Poor copper!”

The police were responding to a call over a New Year’s party that went awry, with angry people being turned away.

Police are actively trying to identify the assailants.

This is the moment the woman was beaten.

In this next clip, in a nearby city, the lunatics blow up a wall and then pour out into the night. The thread shows a discussion among Twitter users wondering if these are communist bastions.

Perhaps it’s censorship, but they seem afraid to mention the possibility that these people appear are migrants. A few Twitter users do say they are immigrants. We can’t say. In any case, the offenders are savage. It’s like watching a primitive, lawless society.

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