Harassment of the President Will Continue After Mueller


We live in a burgeoning police state. When bureaucrats can continuously hound a President and, without any evidence of a crime, set up counterintelligence and criminal probes, they can harass any of us any time they choose. The corrupt MSM are their toadies. The goal, in this case, is to overturn the election. It is wholly unAmerican.

All the President and his family wanted to do was make America great again. He is fighting the forces of socialism and communism prevalent in our schools, our media, our government, and the entertainment industry.

In a report on The Hill, editor Niall Stanage writes:

President Trump will not be out of legal peril even after special counsel Robert Mueller delivers his final report — especially given that investigations by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), among others, are pressing in on him.

Legal experts who spoke to The Hill stressed the importance of the New York investigation in particular, which encompasses scrutiny of everything from apparent hush money payments to women to the funding of the president’s 2017 inauguration.

“Trump is not out of the woods and I think the SDNY proceedings are the most dangerous for both him and for members of his immediate family,” said Mark Zaid, a D.C.-based attorney who has represented clients from both major parties. “There is still a lot to be concerned about.”


Stanage is an associate editor of the left-wing paper, The Hill. In referencing Trump and his staff seeming to think he’s out of the woods, he wrote:

Despite Trump’s near-constant attacks on the Mueller probe, it has resulted in indictments or guilty pleas from 34 people.

Among those who have pleaded guilty are Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort (who was also convicted in a jury trial on other charges); Manafort’s deputy Richard Gates; Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn; his former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos; and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, whose case has been transferred to the SDNY.

The journalist didn’t bother to mention none of them were convicted of anything to do with Russia or President Trump. Manafort’s sentencing memo is everything we have already heard. He committed multiple felonies including violating FARA — lobbying for a foreign agent without registering, perjury, money laundering, tax evasion, and obstruction of justice. He interfered with two witnesses while out on bail. None of it had a thing to do with the President and took place before he managed his campaign.

The entire MSM is repeating the same lie.


No one knows what Mueller’s report will say, but he is no friend to the President. Stanage is hopeful someone will find something criminal against the President, even if it’s not Mueller. He writes:

In addition, the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia are alleging that Trump violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, and the attorney general of New York state has signaled a broad willingness to pursue him as well.

Another case is being brought by Summer Zervos, who alleges that Trump defamed her when he accused her of lying in 2016 for alleging he had groped her a decade before.

“There are many investigations that lead back to the president,” Zeldin said. “Mueller may completely exculpate the president but that doesn’t mean that all these collateral investigations don’t move forward.”

Democratic-led congressional investigations will likely proceed on their own track.

The broad willingness of the New York state Attorney General is a fishing expedition. As far as the Emoluments Clause, his lawyers worked out what they said was an air-tight transfer of the Trump businesses to his children.

Summer Zervos is a tramp who is working with Gloria Allred, a Democrat attack dog attorney.

The MSM has reported more fake bombshells this week based on information gleaned from a convicted perjurer and thief, Michael Cohen.

This is a disgrace. The only Russia collusion is by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. She should have been put on trial.

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