Hard-Left Bashes Ivanka Trump for Disrespecting a Manufactured Crisis


Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner shared a photo on twitter that was taken as they posed recently in formal attire. The hard-left sent out their twitter algorithms to attack Ivanka for it. Many of these types of attacks come from fake accounts. Ivanka and her family are supposed to look miserable because refugees are on a 90-day hold and some are being detained in the airports.

By these standards, none of us can get dressed up to go to events until every poor person lives in the U.S. and lives well.

This is the tweet that is being used to bash the family.

Some of the responses follow. The first is from a fake Cher.

Remember When

Maybe they should post the photo of Barack Obama grinning from ear-to-ear on the golf course after he gave his “heartfelt” speech about the beheading of James Foley.

Obama golfed while Louisiana residents languished in flood waters last August. He fundraised after the Malaysian jet crash. When a second American broke out with Ebola, he golfed.

On July 22, Obama met with the surviving crew members of Appollo 11 and Neil Armstrong’s widow, Carol, to mark the 45th anniversary of the moon landing. But far from making it a large event, Obama refused to allow reporters and TV cameras into the meeting.

The day after the Brussels attack, he tangoed alongside Cuba’s vile dictator.

The pre-planned protests funded by deep-pocketed leftists including George Soros should define all of us and make us miserable.

AOL was particularly petty and vicious:

On a day when Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from 7 Muslim countries sparked outcry on social media and protests at airports from coast to coast, the president’s daughter had something else on her mind: her date outfit.

Just after midnight on Sunday morning, Ivanka Trump posted a photo of herself on her Instagram and Twitter accounts dressed in a silver metallic gown, with her husband Jared Kushner dressed in a tuxedo by her side. The couple is standing in front of a mirrored wall, which shows Kushner’s hand resting on Trump’s posterior.[Nice snotty comment] The photograph generated swift reaction on social media, with some comments highlighting the inappropriateness of the post in the midst of the humanitarian chaos that ensued Saturday in the U.S., after dozens of refugees from Syria, Iraq and other banned countries were detained at airports, American Civil Liberties Union lawyers rushed to offer aid, and protesters clogged terminals and streets in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

AOL then attacked Ivanka’s former fashion label of high-end jewelry and the attractive outfits she has worn, demonizing the words “fashion plate” as it applies to her. When the Obama family dressed well it was to be lauded.

The online publication also linked to a Hollywood celebrity article demonizing the so-called “Muslim ban” which isn’t a “Muslim” ban at all.

Fake News

The BS refugee stories are pouring on to the pages of our left-wing media to sway public opinion back to the open borders policy.

Ivanka Trump Kushner also shares stories of her family life but there was no mention of that.

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