Hard-Left Canadian Government Kicks Soldiers Out of Homes for Muslim Refugees

Canadian military moving out
Canadian soldier moving out of his home to make room Muslim Syrian refugees.

Rebel media has an exclusive story about Canadian troops being kicked out of their homes on military bases so refugees from Syria could be put up in their homes.


Read the story at the Rebel. Tthey suggest the Muslim immigrants be put up in Parliament instead.

The Ambassador Hotel in Kingston, Ontario had to put the soldiers up.

The new Canadian administration is hard left and the soldiers were ordered out to make way for 25,000 Muslim immigrants in a month with another 25,000 to follow. The orders also affected some officer cadets attending the Royal Military College, many of whom are nearing exams.

The government is worried about potential diseases carried by the refugees but obviously not worried enough to protect their citizens.

The UN is picking their refugees, so the vast majority will be Sunni Muslims.


  1. Uhm, they’re worried about disease, but still let them in? Hey, Trudeau, I have a rabid dog for you to take into your home. Oh, you don’t want it? We don’t want these “humans”, either.

  2. Read the truth about this story at: http://www.torontosun.com/2016/02/10/military-bases-no-longer-to-house-massive-refugee-influx-but-soldiers-cant-return-just-yet .

    The Canadian government had a backup plan to house Syrian refugees in army barracks if adequate housing wasn’t available. Fortunately, Canadians opened their hearts and their homes to these refugees, and now almost 25,000 Syrian refugees have new homes.

    For all the fascists out there – notice that not one of Canada’s 25,000 new Syrian refugees has been involved in a terrorist attack against Canada.

    Fortunately, with modern medicine, there are now effective medications to treat paranoia. Those people that see an ISIS terrorist hidden under every rock should really see their doctor.

    Unfortunately, medicine has no cure for stupidity.

  3. This story is pure propaganda – and you fell for it.

    There are no Canadian troops moving out of their barracks to make room for refugees. The Canadian government has gone to great pains to not place refugees in army barracks.

    However, if you bought this story, I have some waterfront lots in Florida that I would like to talk to you about.

    • The person who posted after you has an update. It begins like this: “the government is no longer preparing to house a sizeable number of refugees at military bases, the Canadian Forces has confirmed. But that doesn’t mean officers who were moved out of their quarters get to return.”

      It’s unfortunate you guys elected a liberal loon like our liberal loon. Now we have to worry about our Northern border too!

  4. Did anyone pay attention this election! I know I didn’t vote that stupid f*ck in? But the loser won by a landslide. These refugees are getting crazy daily eating allowances that is worth the average working citizens wage. While we can’t even get assistance from our own government in a recession where thousands of us are losing jobs. But hey let’s let in 50,000 refugees and assist them in being comfortable in their move to take over our country. This is pure bullsh*t if you ask me! I’m pissed and I want a new government. (Done!!)

  5. I can’t believe canada is as stupid as the USA , have you not learned anything from the european problems? we were never asked if we wanted these muslins in our country but now to push out our troops from their homes for these (SOLDIERS) disguised as refugees . this is a wrong after a wrong,.. no good will come of it, and stop giving them every thing for free, a lot of them have money and family , but they will start demanding way more than we are able to give!!!! the proverbial bull s****tt will hit the fan BE READY

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