Hard-Left Dems Come Up with Most Extreme Medicare for All Bill Yet


Pramila Jayapal

House Democrats will unveil new “Medicare for All” legislation on Wednesday. It’s the most radical of legislation to pass through their hands. They’ve gone insane.

Democrats have taken their most extreme proposals and added to it. They now claim to cover more people sooner. The text is very long.

It almost totally eliminates private health insurance by prohibiting the sale of health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits available under Medicare for All.

Medicare for All covers everything with big government in charge and at taxpayers’ expense. Since only half the country pays federal taxes, it will kill the other half.

Communists/Socialists are proposing it. This is your future under Democrats.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a hard-left Democrat from Washington who co-chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is sponsoring the bill, along with Reps. Debbie Dingell of Michigan, Jim Langevin of Rhode Island, and more than 100 other co-sponsors. A Senate version of the new bill will be introduced in the coming weeks.

“The state of our healthcare system is absolutely atrocious,” Rep. Jayapal told reporters Tuesday. “In America, we have 30 million people who are uninsured. We have at least 40 million people who are underinsured.”

“Americans are literally dying because they can’t afford insulin or get the cancer treatments they need,” she added.

She is a liar. This is another invented crisis by Democrats. They will take Obamacare and make it far worse and far more unaffordable.

The benefits covered by the bill are absurdly broad:

  • Hospital services, including inpatient and outpatient hospital care, hours-a-day emergency services, and inpatient prescription drugs
  • Ambulatory patient services
  • Primary and preventive services, including chronic disease management
  • Prescription drugs, medical devices, and biological products, like vaccines and blood agents
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment services, including inpatient care
  • Laboratory and diagnostic services
  • Comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental, audiology, and vision services
  • Rehabilitative services and devices
  • Dietary and nutritional therapies
  • Podiatric care
  • Emergency services and transportation
  • Early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment services
  • Transportation to receive health care services for persons with disabilities or low-income individuals
  • Long-term care services and supports

The legislation also plans to eliminate premiums and deductibles, and recipients would not be charged co-pays or any other out-of-pocket costs. Patients could also visit any hospital or doctor they want without worrying about if their insurance is in-network.

This is utopian unaffordable nonsense.

And everyone would have full abortion coverage by disallowing the Hyde Amendment, which blocks nearly all Medicaid funding for abortion coverage.


All of this would happen in two years. Jayapal thinks the millionaires and billionaires can pay for it, along with employers, corporate taxes, and undoing the President’s tax cuts.

One year after the Medicare for All passes, people over 55 and people under 19 would be eligible. After two years, coverage expands to everyone.

Keep in mind that once the government is stealing our money and using it to pay for healthcare for the entire country, including ILLEGAL ALIENS, they will control us. They will ration and tell us what care we are allowed to have.


Jayapal has boasted that she is delivering a death blow to private insurance companies.

“There are some things that should not be provided through the for-profit marketplace, and we believe healthcare should be one of them,” Jayapal said.

She would rather have the corrupt big government, the unaccountable big government take full control of us.

It won’t pass now but it has double the number of sponsors than in the past and when Democrats come back into power, they will pass it.

Medicare is going bankrupt and we are 22 trillion in debt. We can’t afford this or any of their insane freebies, especially the Green New Deal.

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4 years ago

Will Lois Lerner types be on the Death Panels?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Will bankrupt the entire nation as Communism has down to countries throughout history.