Hard-Left Galvanizes Against Sen. Collins with a Potential Contender


Obama’s Jen Psaki tweeted a question to the masses yesterday after Sen. Susan Collins supported the rule of law, rejected the mob, and eloquently backed up her vote for Judge Kavanaugh.

The question was, “who wants to run for Senate in Maine”. Susan Rice tweeted, “me”, and Psaki indicated the army of supporters [the mob] would be out on her behalf. There is little doubt that is true and there is reason to believe most of the money that would fund her campaign would come from hard-left billionaires out of state.

It’s not at all definite, but it wouldn’t be surprising and they will put a well-funded leftist up against her.


The leftists are galvanizing against her to teach everyone a lesson and, that is, go with the mob or you will be destroyed. Sen. Collins made a point of speaking to the rule of law in her speech yesterday. That triggered them in addition to her vote.

The communist Women’s March didn’t hear a thing Sen. Collins said yesterday, and are labelling her a “rape apologist” today. There is no amount of hyperbole or abuse they will refrain from doling out. Never mind that there is no rape involved and credible Christine greatly exaggerated the alleged groping attack which we have no reason in the world to believe.

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