Hard-Left Launches Full-Blown Assault on Fox via Top Host


Whether people agree with Sean Hannity or not, everyone should be concerned about the silencing of all right-leaning and even classical liberal voices by hard-left organizations like Media Matters and the lunatic Center for American Progress.  It’s an attack on the only right-leaning network.

David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.
David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.

Media Matters, run by dirty tricks guy David Brock, and Center for American Progress  (CAP) President Angelo Carusone, have teamed up with CNN to plague the network and their most popular host Sean Hannity.

Both Media Matters and CAP have deep ties to George Soros and other far-left groups.

Brian Stelter of CNN brought Carusone on to his show to trash Hannity without presenting any rebuttal or opposing opinions.

Media Matters has launched an ongoing, non-stop boycott effort to scare Hannity’s sponsors into dropping his show. The petition was drawn up by the Soros-Brock Media Matters.

The Fox News network on Sunday denounced the petition that is calling on advertisers to ditch Hannity’s show as an “intimidation effort” that is “nothing more than political opportunism based on deceit.”

“Sean Hannity hosts the number one program in cable news because millions of Americans make the decision to join him every night and the audience relationship is stronger than ever,” said a Fox News spokesperson.

Media Matters is also attacking Judge Jeanine Pirro for appearing on Fox while allegedly engaging in GOP fundraising efforts. For its part, Media Matters only engages in silencing all opposition to their far-left agenda.

Brock’s Media Matters is also attacking Tucker Carlson for his somewhat pro-life stance. The trashy outlet always maligns Fox & Friends. I won’t link to them. You can google them if you want to read their sketchy analysis and constant battering of Republicans and Fox News while protecting the likes of Bill Clinton, who has been accused of rape.

According to Media Matters, Hannity abuses women by demeaning them. They already tried to make him into a womanizer with lunatic Debbie Schussel but that lie failed. They claim advertisers are dropping him, to include: TripAdvisor, Hubble Contacts [as in lenses], Keurig [they took it back and will advertise], realtor.com [they took it back and will advertise] and Eloquii [they reinforced their commitment to not advertise on Hannity]. They cite companies that never advertised on Hannity: Nature’s Bounty, 23andMe, and HelloFreshUS.

Outlets like MSNBC and CCN are very biased left, yet these same companies advertise on those stations. The bias of these companies is appalling.

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