Hard Left New York City Votes for Resolution to Abolish ICE


New York City is Communist under a Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and they have a Communist City Council. They call themselves ‘Progressives’ as they did in the early part of the 20th century. But communism is communism is progressivism is socialism is globalism. The differences are irrelevant and the similarities are what make them all the same kind of dangerous.

The one thing they definitely are NOT is liberal. They are control freaks.

The New York City Council just voted to add a scientifically-inaccurate gender X. People who oddly don’t identify as male or female will now be able to choose a binary gender category on their birth certificates. Fine, but why have a record at all?


They also voted for a resolution to abolish ICE because the two things they dislike the most are law enforcement and internal enforcement of our immigration laws. It stems from their dislike of the rule of law. The council is the first major legislative body to do so.

Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal’s resolution specifically calls on the U.S. Congress to pass the Establishing a Humane Immigration Enforcement System Act, which would dissolve ICE and create a commission to determine how to fulfill its functions.

Rosenthal, a Manhattan [hard left] Democrat, likened abolishing ICE to the city’s plan to close the infamous Rikers Island jail complex: “Transforming institutions is hard work, but it must be done,” she said. “It means starting with the goal of justice and designing institutions to achieve it, rather than starting with existing institutions and allowing them to limit our conception of justice.”

It probably won’t move forward because the state Senate is still — barely — controlled by Republicans. It’s the last vestige of what was once a conservative state. When Pataki was elected, he was to be the last Republican governor. The same goes for Rudy Guiliani as mayor of New York City.

The city councils in Los Angeles and Oakland, California have also considered resolutions calling for an end to ICE, but neither of those cities’ measures has passed yet. Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, signed a letter in July calling for ICE’s abolition, according to the East Bay Times.


The United States isn’t heading for socialism, it’s heading for much worse and it’s spreading like cancer. In Texas, far-left Blotto O’Rourke, who has a history driving drunk, is neck-and-neck with incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. Florida has a bona fide communist running who is mayor of a city under FBI investigation. Still, remarkably, he’s 4 points ahead in the polls. Communist/Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who literally knows nothing, will be a congresswoman. She has sponsored other hard left candidates and some have won.

Wealthy hard-left individuals like Tom Steyer and George Soros and companies like Google are doing their best to see the disease of collectivism metastisizes. They’re winning because too many Americans still don’t know what is going on. They’re operating under the old understandings.


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