Hard-Left South Africa Moves to Confiscate Guns From 300,000 Gun Owners


South Africa is moving towards approving the legal confiscation of farms owned by whites. There will not be any compensation. At the same time, the officials have turned a blind eye to the genocide of white farmers. While this is going on, the South African government is looking to possibly disarm the people.

Gunpowder Magazine reports The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms if they do not have a license or their license is rejected. It came in response to new regulations which are not humanitarian in nature. It is extreme gun control to take guns from the people.

The law requires gun owners who failed to renew their firearms licenses or are not allowed to renew must hand in their firearms to the nearest police station, where authorities will then proceed to destroy them. It affects 300,000 gun owners.


The extreme gun control being implemented has opened the floodgates to abject tyranny.

The South African National Assembly recently voted 241-83 to amend the South African constitution to allow for land expropriation from whites without compensation.

The far-left African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) parties are leading the charge for expropriation under the banner of fixing racial disparities that have supposedly remained intact since Apartheid’s conclusion.

Land confiscation is not finalized but it’s close to becoming the law of the land.

The redistribution by the government will not be accepted by many and violence will follow. Extreme gun control will facilitate the takeover by the Communists.

It’s a method that has been used by tyrannical governments from Cuba to Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union. An unarmed populace cannot resist.

The consequences of extreme gun control are severe.

South Africa is in a very dangerous place as violent Communists win over more and more of the electorate.

Most South Africans believe a race-based war is coming.

Whites are denied jobs and they are not allowed to protest. Whites are, more and more, finding themselves living in squatter camps. “They don’t have a life anymore,” says one former white farmer living in such a camp with two little children who continually get beaten for the color of their skin.

As the race-based communism grows worse, so does the deterioration and living conditions for everyone. The crime is rampant.

The Communist leader constantly sings ‘Kill the Boer’ as he campaigns.


Genocide Is Coming to South Africa as Communism, Racial Hate Grows



  1. My understanding is that both Australia and New Zealand have created a fast track policy of immigration just for persecuted S. African whites. The US should, as well.

    Please, Boers, stop turning a blind eye to the writing on the wall. Take advantage of this and GET OUT while you still can with your children. Your property loss is terrible but nothing compared to the loss of your lives and the lives of your children.

  2. It’s an old, old song; whites build it, blacks tear it down. Now they’ve added genocide to their bag of tricks. Here are some refugees I would be glad to take in.

  3. The gun confiscation is a prelude to slaughter of the whites. Why have they stayed so long knowing full well what their black leaders were really capable of?

  4. I would not only take in white SA refugees, I would try to give them a job with my company or find them a job with others. If ever there were people deserving of sanctuary and asylum, they are the ones.

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