Hardcore Leftist Governor Will Ban Plastic Bags Statewide


Now that the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has full control of the legislature, he will institute fiat after fiat. His latest is to ban plastic bags in the 2019 budget.

He recently announced he will push abortion-on-demand to the moment of birth. No issue is too small or too big for Cuomo. He will control it all.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) on Sunday announced that a ban on single-use plastic bags would be included in his 2019 executive budget. The budget will also include legislation that will make most non-alcoholic drink bottles eligible for 5-cent redemption, according to The Hill. Oh, goody.

Both proposals are being made to make progress on environmental issues, Cuomo said Sunday in a statement.

Cuomo won’t stop until he makes New York a Socialist state in every way.

There isn’t a plastic bag problem in the state.


Democrats have nothing to replace plastic with, but that won’t stop them. Paper bags have a bigger carbon footprint, according to one very comprehensive research project.

“People look at [paper] and say it’s degradable. Therefore it’s much better for the environment, but it’s not in terms of climate change impact,” says David Tyler, a professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon who has examined the research on the environmental impact of bag use.

The reasons for paper’s higher carbon footprint are involved, but can mostly be understood as stemming from the fact that paper bags are much thicker than plastic bags.

“Very broadly, carbon footprints are proportional to the mass of an object,” says Tyler. For example, because paper bags take up so much more space, more trucks are needed to ship paper bags to a store than to ship plastic bags.

One must also consider the fact that plastic bags can be re-used more often than paper.

Most of the plastic and garbage in the oceans comes from Asia and Africa.

It’s no longer the United States in New York. Try to save your state from this encroaching communism.

Watch the jerk in action:


  1. I live in Suffolk County, New York, where the Democrats have as of January 1st instituted a 5-cent a bag fee for plastic bags. If a bag is discarded as litter there is no provision for a five cent redemption on the bag. The bag is left on the ground because it has no worth. Bottles have the 5 cent redemption value and are picked up by people and returned for the cash value.

    The Democrats didn’t want a redemption program because that’s a zero sum game. They wanted to just get cash in the government employee’s pockets every time you put your food in a bag. The Democrats didn’t ban the bags outright because they couldn’t extract money from people that way.

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