Hardcore Leftist Stacey Abrams Lies About Covington Boys, the President


Hardcore leftist Stacey Abrams, who can’t accept her failed candidacy, can’t stop complaining, lying, and imagining things that aren’t there.

In an interview with the leftist propaganda network, Democracy Now, Abrams accused the Covington boys of using “inappropriate language” and spreading xenophobia, racism, bigotry, and hatred during the incident Jan. 18 at the Lincoln Memorial.

The Covington boys were the victims of lunatic leftists looking for trouble. The boys didn’t even know what was going on.

A Native American leftist agitator lied about his interaction with the boys, and a group of racist, Hebrew Israelites cursed and verbally assaulted the boys as they waited for a bus. Abrams won’t leave the innocent kids alone.

After she lied about the boys during the interview, she went right into an attack on the President.


She began with a lie about not having the full picture, but we do have the complete picture.

“I know that there is a narrative that says that we don’t have the full picture of what preceded that moment, but the issue is what happened in the moment we saw,” she said.

The only disrespect came from the adults, but that’s not what she’s claiming.

“In that moment, we saw disrespect, we saw communities divided, and we heard language that is not appropriate. So, no matter what instigated it, but we have to focus on as why this was the reaction. And unfortunately, this begins at the top,” Abrams continued, getting nothing right.

The President had nothing to do with any of this nor does he signal xenophobia, racism, bigotry or hatred, but she does.

“We have a commander-in-chief who has never failed to signal his xenophobia, his racism, his bigotry, and his hatred, and that will absolutely filter down to the youngest and most impressionable members of our communities. And so we all have to stand up and say that regardless of why it began, it ends now.”

The boys did not do what she said they did, and the President didn’t spread any of the things she accused him of spreading. She’s just a terrible, irrational person. Georgia dodged a bullet when she lost. Unfortunately, she gets to spew more hate during the Super Bowl. She will give a response to the State of the Union. What does it say when the Democrats pick a hardcore leftist for that role?


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