Hardcore Leftists Challenge No. Carolina Law Requiring Photo ID to Vote


North Carolina voters [leftist voters] are challenging a new state law that requires photo identification at polling places, the Charlotte News and Observer reported Thursday.

These idiots can’t get voter ID! It’s another leftist attempt to corrupt the vote. The left is stealing the elections in perpetuity.

The Republican-controlled state legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the bill, with the House voting 72-40 on Wednesday and the Senate confirming they had the votes to nullify the veto on Thursday, reports The Hill.

When it was confirmed that Cooper’s veto would be nullified, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice announced their lawsuit, led by six [leftist] voters.

The lawsuit claims voter ID creates an undue burden on the right to vote for African-American and American Indian residents. They claim it adds a financial cost to voting. There are the lost work hours and the need to find transportation to obtain an ID.

They are serious with this BS.

Therefore, leftists believe African-American and Native-American residents are too stupid to secure an ID? They don’t have licenses or even free state IDs? This strains credulity.

The News Observer also reported:

Rep. David Lewis, a Harnett County Republican, said Cooper insulted voters who approved photo ID. Lewis said he worked hard to make it easy for voters to comply with a new law.

The law counts as acceptable IDs driver licenses, passports, military and veteran IDs, tribal enrollment cards, college IDs, state ID cards issued to non-drivers, state and municipal employee IDs, and a new type of ID issued by local boards of election.


In case you are wondering about the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, they are partially funded by George Soros’s Open Society and Z Smith Reynolds Foundation. Both are incredibly far-left groups.

Southern Coalition for Social Justice is an extreme radical left-wing group that promotes community organizing to affect economic, social and political change. The SCSJ has taken a prominent role in the fight against voter photo ID. They call them commonsense laws. The group has also assumed a leading role in lawsuits to stop the most recent redistricting maps. The goal is to prevent Republicans from having an edge.

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