Harris, Booker, Sanders stumped with pastor who says ‘gay is enough to send you to Hell’


Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker stumped at a church where the pastor said: “being gay is enough to send you to Hell.” Last month, Bernie Sanders held a town hall at the church.

Rev Fowler with Kamala Harris

The three candidates attended services at the Victory Visionary Baptist Church in Las Vegas where Rev. Robert Fowler preached his controversial views about homosexuality.

“Whether you commit adultery, whether you commit fornication, whether you’re a child molester, you gossip, you lie, you cheat on your taxes, you don’t pay your tithes, things of that nature, all of that is wrapped together as sin, along with homosexuality,” he said in 2013.

And he said he still held those views in an interview Sunday night with the Bay Area News Group: “Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, those are all sexual sins addressed in scripture.”

Asked whether he believes homosexuality and child molestation are comparable sins, Fowler said, “Any sin, if you break the law in one area, you’ve broken it in all areas. If you mess up in one area, that’s enough to send you to hell — so any sin is pretty bad for me.”


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