Harry Reid Said He “Ate Sh__,” Threatens Nuclear Option



The do-nothing Senate majority leader of the do-nothing Senate, Harry Reid, claimed, “I ate sh..” on some of George Bush’s presidential nominees. He now regrets that. He wants to end the filibuster and invoke the nuclear option.

Reid is one classy guy!

He wants to use the nuclear option on the presidential nominees only, but it will have much broader consequences. If Republicans take over the Senate, they will then be free to use the nuclear option as well.

The filibuster is the only check on the majority. If it goes south, the majority will always decide every issue as they do in the House.

A nuclear option would change cloture rules to 51 votes instead of 67. President Obama has already approved the move – of course – being the dictator that he is. In a desperate move, Mitch McConnell reached out to Joe Biden who gets the deciding vote in a 50-50 split. It is highly unlikely that Biden would vote any way but Reid’s way.

Reid will drop his threat if Republicans end their filibuster of presidential nominees.

Information at far-left media outlet Politico

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