Harry Reid Says It’s Important to Do Nothing on the Ukraine



Sen. Harry Reid, a one-man wrecking crew

In an interview this week, Harry Reid said the United States shouldn’t move against Putin due to the situation in the Ukraine until Europe is on board. We should just lay back and see how it goes.

We have Russian soldiers in masks without unit identification crossing international borders in the middle of Europe and Reid wants us to do nothing. Putin is moving thousands of soldiers into Crimea and he has East Ukraine under his control. East Ukraine is Russia. The old Soviets murdered many of the natural-born Ukrainians in the East and moved Russians in.

According to Politico, Reid said this: “The most important thing is for us – the United States – to make sure that we don’t go off without the European community,” Reid said Monday in the Capitol. “We have to work with them. Their interests are really paramount if we are going to do sanctions of some kind. We have to have them on board with us.”

He wants to get the entire EU on board before even placing sanctions!

Then he referred to Russia as the Soviet Union but caught himself: “We can pretty much control banking, which is so important to the Soviet Un – to the Russians,” Reid said with a grin. “How soon we forget, huh?” “The main thing is the European community,” Reid said. “They need to be part of what we do.”

The European community wants Russia’s fuel. The invasion will be over by the time they decide.

Dr. Krauthammer said it best. Listen:

He then blamed Congress for their having to wait: “We couldn’t do congressional action if we wanted, we can’t get in the damn building,” Reid said. “I think we should just play this out for a while.”

John Kerry, who is on his way to Kiev, said this: “There could even be ultimately asset freezes, visa bans,” Kerry said Sunday on NBC. “There could be certainly a disruption of any of the normal trade routine, and there could be business drawback on investment in the country. The ruble is already going down and feeling the impact of this.”

Wow! Russia must be trembling in fear.

Dick Durbin said the Senate should pass a resolution “condemning what Putin has done.” Another terrifying threat that will undoubtedly cause the Russians to quake in their boots.

KT McFarland, speaking on Fox News Monday said that Putin has a fifteen year plan to rebuild the Soviet Union. He has built pipelines from Russia to Europe making them dependent on Russia’s natural gas. He is now systematically reconstituting his Soviet empire which is certainly obviously not in our best interests. It took us fifty years to get rid of the first one.

Putin is taking advantage of the incredible weakness of Kerry and Obama. Putin is a Russian nationalist seeking to dominate the world and he will.

The invasion of the Ukraine endangers other countries in the Eastern Bloc like Poland. Remember when Obama gave away the Missile Defense System in return for nothing? He is now telling Russia they can rebuild the Soviet Union.